Best Cat Names

Clark Kent

The idea to adopt a cat comes to mind of different people every day. This isn’t surprising, because everybody needs a friend that will always wait for you at home after a long working day. The best thing about this friend is that he or she will never criticize you. However, it’s only in the case you choose the best name for your pet! How to do this? Just read the post thoroughly!

Best Names for Male Cats

When you become an owner of furry kitty cats, popular ideas of great names for cats follow you constantly. The variety of such names may be a little bit frightening. You want to get the most beautiful name while all names seem to be cool. Are you familiar with this problem? Of course, you are, if you’re looking for a name for your boy cat. Names from cartoons and films are exactly what you need! Famous heroes, outstanding characters, and fictional cats have the best names ever!

Names that have multiple meanings will also attract your attention and please your feline. Thus, the name Oscar, which is the common choice, means “God spear”, “deer-lover”, “champion warrior”. Such names with the deep meaning will perfectly suit pets.

The Best Female Cat Names

The best female cat names are often about names of Latin origin. Why Latin? As a rule, Latin names have really good meanings. Stella is surely a unique name for a girl cat. It means “star” and you are unlikely to refuse having a star at home!

Best names for girl kittens include beautiful names of people. So if you’re crazy about any name, but aren’t sure if it’s possible to name your kitten like a person, don’t mull over for a long time. Just do it!

Flowers and unique plants are other sources of inspiration for cat owners. Even if you don’t know how to take care of pot plants, you’ll definitely raise a cat that is as beautiful as a flower!

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