Cartoon Cat Names

Ozzy (Ozzie)

Children dream about having a cute fluffy kitty. Adults also want to have a cool pet, waiting for them at home. It’s hard to decide on adopting a wild cat from the street. When you take a pet, you take a number of responsibilities. If you want to buy a cat, that’s fine, too. In both cases, think about the perfect name for your kitty.

Cartoons are a great source of names for kittens. There’s a bunch of cool names of cartoon cats both nice and evil as well as other names of characters from cartoons. Fictional cat names from movies, TV shows, anime are countless, but all interesting.

Famous Cat Names from Cartoons

There are a lot of famous cartoons and animated films, in which cats are main characters. A black and white cartoon cat from “Felix the Cat” or “Sylvester the Cat” has become an inspiration for black cat owners.

Garfield movie is a funny cartoon about a fat cat with the orange coat. If your cat looks like this one, don’t even hesitate to name it in his honor! “CatDog”, “Fantomcat”, “Henry’s Cat”, and “Simon’s Cat” are only the tip of the Disney cat names iceberg, which will enrich your ideas for cat names.

Funny Cartoon Character Names for Kitten

To name your kitten after a character (not only a cat character) from a cartoon is the way to have fun. How to decide which character’s name will become the name of your pet? Look at the brightest and most prominent characters of the animated movie and choose the name which sounds the most pleasurable for you.

You also can pay attention to personality traits of different characters in comparison with your kitten. If your kitten is lazy, Sleepy or Pooh will suit him perfectly.

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