Cool Cat Names


It’s impossible to stay indifferent when a small kitten rubs against your leg. If your heart grows with excitement when you see an awesome fluffy cat, it’s a good idea to adopt one! What should be the first thing you do before buying a pet? No, it’s not about choosing a breed, it’s about picking up a unique name for your girl kitty or boy cat!

Cool people have cool cats, so cool cats should have only cool cat names! There are a lot of good ideas of cool pet names which you will be crazy about!

Top Cool Female Cat Names

As a rule, the coolest names are not the names that sound funky. Really cool names are associated with great people, interesting characters (also fictional) or some animals. If you are looking for cool feline names, the first thing you should do is to remember some prominent women.

Cool movie names as well as names of book characters will inspire you. Names of Greek goddesses are the number one choice among cat owners.

Some people think that cool names should be funny. This is the time when you can think about things you like (music, games, films etc.).

Cool Cat Names for Boy Cat

Cool names for a boy cat include different aspects. Different cars are the solid base for extremely badass names. Isn’t it cool to tell your friends that you have a kitty whose name is Ferrari?

The same is true about cats, named after successful footballers. Everybody wants to have a famous friend. Beckham and Maradona are ready to become your best friends!

It’s also a good idea to make your cat a superhero! If you are ready to live with a courageous and devoted pet, name him Batman! Only world’s cutest cat may carry such cool names!

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