Cute Cat Names

Scottie (Scotty)

Cutest Female Cat Names

The cutest kitten in the world needs to have a unique as well as sweet name! Feline nicknames for your pet are usually based on her adorable nature. Names of flowers and precious jewelry are the choice number one among girl cat owners.

The description of appearance, the color of your pet’s fur, and the breed are also the sources of creative names for the cutest girl cat ever. Some owners play with diminutive-hypocoristic suffixes. Adding such suffixes to ordinary names, you get extremely cute cat names. Just compare pretty – Prettish. Exclusive and sweet!

Super Cute Male Cat Names

When you think over the best name for your boy cat or kitten, you should take into account the personality of this fluffy creature. It’s important to capture the personality of the cat to reveal his full potential. Thus, pay attention to the specific traits of the kitten’s character: energetic or lazy, communicative or introvert, calm or naughty. These characteristics will definitely give you a clue to the perfect name of your new friend.

Cute male cat names may also be connected with unusual food preferences of your cat. If your fluffy pet is crazy about cheese, you’ll not regret naming him Cheesy (tricky, isn’t it?). Hobbies of the cat or his strange habits may inspire you too. Does he like bouncing off the walls? Then your cat is Ping Pong. Be attentive and you’ll surely hit upon the cutest name!

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