Exotic Cat Names

In the 21st century, many people tend not to be like others. This is reflected in all things: clothes, accessories, hairstyles, and even pets! It’s not a joke! Unordinary breeds of cats and dogs, as well as other aesthetic animals, have gained a wide popularity. However, you should know only one thing: to have an exotic cat you may just name it in an exotic way.

Why do people so often prefer to choose unusual names for their pets? If you think that exotic wild cats cannot live with people like ordinary pets, then you haven’t heard about exotic pet names yet!

Exotic pet names can guarantee you that your kitten will get a unique nickname and no other cat will have the same! So let’s turn to the question as to how to choose the most beautiful name for your girl cat or boy cat.

Exotic female cat names are usually connected with different foreign names meaning cat or kitten. Names for cats in different languages are considered to be a real source of inspiration for some owners. Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Thai, and many other languages will help you to find something special. Goya means a wild cat in South Africa and will surely become the greatest name for your friend!

If you’re puzzled over exotic male cat names, you should pay attention to some scientific or so-called “clever” names. A lot of cat names may be inspired by things related to computer or graphic design.

Another idea to find an appropriate feline name for your girl or boy cat is to apply to the mythical world. Imaginable words are full of exotic unisex names. Names of different mysterious creatures and gods. What do you think about Unicorn or Pixie living at your place?

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