Female Cat Names

Girl cat names

A kitty in the house is fun, joy and positive emotions! But apart from this, a small pet causes a number of worries. First of all, kitty’s owner has to choose a suitable name. How to pick up a really cute and unique name is anybody’s guess.
A lot of people now get purebred kittens. But even bringing home a pretty moggy from the street, they do not want to give a boring name. In order to select the best name, you need to take into account a number of features.

Very often the future owners begin to create name long before they get a pet, and this is not entirely correct. After all, they do not even know for sure whether they will take a tabby cat, as their opinions about gender may change when they meet their four-legged friends.

Moreover, even a cool name invented in advance may not suit a cat at all. Frisky can turn out to be a fat and lazy pet and Elve can be the largest girl kitten in the litter of Maine Coons – the giants by the cat’s standards.

You will pronounce a chosen name quite often, so it shouldn’t be unpleasant or grate on ears. Do not forget about your personal preferences.

Funny girl kitten names

Even as a kitten, the tabby cat shows her character. If she already has distinct features, you can express them in the funny name. For example, a cat who likes to eat can be:

  •  Cookie
  •  Fatty
  •  Sausage

If you have the smallest cat from the litter, the name can be based on the pet’s size:

  •  Minnie
  •  Bonbon
  •  Cherry

For a cat that has a rugged character, you can choose something “chilli”:

  •  Fury
  •  Bazooka
  •  Valkyrie

If the cat owner has a good sense of humor, he will give his pet a funny name.

Unique cute female cat names

There are very beautiful and imposing names, which are very suitable for female cats.

Names with oriental coloring are the top choice for such breed as Siamese, Persian, Arabian Mau:

  •  Sakura
  •  Atifa
  •  Gulnor

Tabby cats are often called royal names:

  •  Josefina
  •  Beatrice
  •  Francesca

They are quite popular for thoroughbred representatives.
Choosing a kitty of exotic and rare breed, keep in mind that her name should be no less original and unusual.

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