Frontline Plus for Cats Reviews

If you are a happy cat owner, you should know that our four-legged friends from time to time are faced with such a problem as a flea attack.

The cats’ owners often pay little attention to such problems as preventive measures and run for medicines against fleas when the cat has already picked up the parasites.

Are you in the search for this kind of products? Pay attention to the medicine described below.

Frontline Plus for Cats Reviews

Frontline plus is applied for the destruction of insects and ixodid ticks parasitizing on cats, as well as protecting animals from their attack. This medicine is suitable for both preventing parasites infection, and for treating the infection consequences. It is also prescribed for allergic dermatitis.

How does Frontline for Cats Work?

Frontline Plus refers to combined insect-acaricidal drugs of contact action. The drug is effective against fleas, lice, biting louse, and ixodic ticks.

Its mechanism of action is to block GABA-dependent arthropod receptors, impair the transmission of nerve impulses, which leads to paralysis and death of parasites.

Let us make things easier for you.

The product contains two main ingredients – fipronil and methoprene. Their interaction provides complete eliminating of fleas, tick and their eggs.

Fipronil is not absorbed into the blood of the pet, and within a day after application it is evenly distributed over the skin and accumulates in the oil glands. From the oil glands, fipronil together with the secretion gradually released to the outside and thereby forms the desired concentration, some kind of an aura that repels and protects your cat.

In other words, thanks to Frontline flea for cats is not a danger anymore.

Does Frontline Frighten off Ticks and Prevent a Tick Bite?

No, Frontline is not a repellent. It acts in such a way that the tick cannot transmit dangerous diseases.

Ticks, on average, require at least 48 – 72 hours for the transmission of pathogenic agents. During this time Front line minimizes the risk of transmission of diseases (including pyroplasmosis, Lyme disease, etc.)

Frontline for Cats – How Long does it take to Work?

It destroys 98-100% of fleas less than 24 hours before the flea lays eggs.

The duration of the protective effect for cats is from 15 to 21 days.

You should remember about the regular inspersion of your cat. Since only 5% of adult fleas live on the pet, the rest is in the environment, so repeated re-invasions are possible.

How Long is Frontline Good for?

Its shelf life is 3 years from a date of manufacturing, provided that all storage requirements are met. You should store is at a temperature between 0ºC to +25ºC in a dry protected from direct sunlight place inaccessible to children and animals.

How to use Frontline for Cats?

Frontline has a form of a colorless transparent liquid, with a weak specific odor. Usually, the package contains 6 doses.

Wash your hands thoroughly and ventilate the accommodation if you treat your cat at home. Before use, a protective cap is cut off from the tube. Then spreading the cat’s hair and pressing on the tube, apply the drug to the skin in an inaccessible place for pet (between the shoulder blades). When treating large cats, the preparation is applied to the skin in three to four places from the shoulder blades to the sacrum.

If the veterinarian advises Frontline for earwax treatment, a small amount of drug (5-6 drops) should be dripped in each ear. The rest should be (based on cat’s weight) applied on the skin between the scapulae (single treatment). The drug is not allowed in a case of perforation of the tympanic membrane.

Nota bene!  Do not forget to properly dispose of empty packages. It should be wrapped in paper and a plastic bag. Remember that the active substance of Front Line is poisonous to aquatic organisms; therefore it is strictly forbidden to throw the packaging in ponds!

What Contraindications does Frontline have?

Do not wash your pet for 48 hours before and after treatment. If the animal is shampooed more than 2 times a month, it is recommended to shorten the interval between treatments to 2-3 weeks.

It is not permitted to treat with Frontline pets which have infectious diseases. Do not apply the drug to the damp or damaged skin, and use other insectoacaricides.

The treated cat should not be allowed to come into contact with the objects surrounding it until the preparation dries completely (due to possible contamination of the fabrics, plastic and other materials with the preparation).

Do not wash, pet and let your cat contact with young children within 24 hours after treatment.

If the product is accidentally ingested on the skin or eyes, immediately wash it off with a stream of water. If it is swallowed, immediately contact a doctor.

In recommended doses, Frontline does not have a skin irritant and toxic effect, but when exposed to the eye it causes mild irritation. The drug is toxic to rabbits, as well as for fish and other aquatic organisms.

The medicine passed numerous laboratory tests. It does not have any side effects on pregnant and lactating cats. This is the only drug recommended for the treatment of lactating and pregnant cats. For the treatment of kittens from the first days of life (under 8 weeks), it is recommended to use Frontline Spray.

Side effects are rare. Most often they are associated with either individual intolerance to the components, or with an overdose. In the case of excessive salivation, vomiting, redness and hair loss, the product should be washed off. A veterinarian may recommend antihistamines.

Nota bene! If you have several pets in your house, their treatment is carried out in one day. To avoid repeated flea infestation, processed pets’ litter and accessories with insecticides.

What if my Pet gets Wet or I want to Wash him?

Frontline is resistant to rain, bathing or washing with shampoo, after 48 hours from the moment of using. When washing with shampoo more often 2 times a month reduce the interval between treatments.

If your pet accidentally gets wet, apply an additional dose.

What if a Cat has Fleas after Frontline using?

It is recommended to treat cats with Frontline every 2 months; in case of treatment and prevention of allergic flea dermatitis or danger of tick-borne invasion, once a month.

If the drug has not helped you, consult a veterinarian and use another medicine. (You can find the information on analogs below).

Is it Necessary to Additionally use other Agents against Parasites?

Frontline does not require the use of additional medicines and there is no need to combine it with other drugs.

Where to Buy Frontline for Cats?

You can buy Frontline in specialized pet stores, veterinary pharmacies, online stores, including the Amazon site.

Be careful, counterfeits are widespread. You can distinguish the original preparation by the logo on the package. Also, it is worth paying attention to the packing appearance. If there are any deformations, like a crookedly glued label, it is worth doubting the authenticity of the product.

What are the Alternatives?

Frontline trademark, the rights to which belong to the French company Merial, is famous for its innovative developments in the field of veterinary medicine. Under this brand, insecticides are produced for protecting animals from parasites, increasing the vitality of pets and their productivity. A range of antiparasitic drugs is represented by a series of drops for external use and sprays.

Front Line is an effective and safe medicine for treating cats from parasites on the today’s market. But it is not suitable for all pets, numerous reviews confirm this fact. In any case, you should consult your veterinarian before starting treatment and do not rely just on other person’s Frontline spot on cat review and recall.

If your cat has a thick and long hair it is very difficult to correctly predict the dose of the drug, which leads either to an overdose or to an insufficient number of active ingredients on the pet’s skin.

Any kind of Frontline preparation regardless of its forms contains the same active substance. That is, if the Frontline drops did not solve the flea problem of your cat, do not additionally buy a spray. It is better to try some other medicine.

We provide you with several drugs that can become an alternative to Frontline:

  • Catego – an effective drug against fleas and ticks, which acts within several hours (that is faster than Frontline). Catego is created specifically for felines. It contains a unique combination of three substances: Dinotefuran, Fipronil, and Pyriproxyfe.

Catego for cats

  •  Advantage IIanother effective preparation killing fleas, flea eggs, and larvae. It begins to work within 12 hours and is quite easy to use. It is a little cheaper the other two mentioned drugs, it two active components ensure reliable protection against fleas.

advantage 2 Large Cat

You can find these medicines at the Amazon site with all the descriptions and reviews.

Frontline Plus for Cats Reviews
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