Funny Cat Names

Big Guy
Marky Mark

Only those people who are lucky to have a cat know for sure that cats bring fun and love wherever they are. A funny kitty, doing something silly, always puts a smile on the face of its owner. However, some owners think it’s not enough to adopt a kitten to have fun. In this case, they prefer to use hilarious and ironic names for their kitties! Dive into the world of funny cat names!

Funny Cat Names for Female Cats

How to decide on a funny name for a girl cat? There are some ways. Try to combine famous female names with some special traits of cats. This is about such cat names as Oprah Whisker or Demi Meower. Only prominent girl cats can have names like these.

It’s a good idea to make an interesting blend of ordinary girl names and cat-suffixes. Veronicat along with Jessicat will bring joy to everybody who knows your kitty!

Cartoons and movies are the endless source of ridiculous cat names as well. Think of the last movie you watched and you’ll definitely recall something funny to use a name for a cat.

Awesome Cat Pun Names for Male Cats

Punny cat names have become extremely
popular nowadays! Why is it so? Using unique cat name puns isn’t only a witty joke, but also a good idea to get a cat with an unusual and clever name! How does it work? Play on words when thinking about funny pet names. What do you think about Whispurr, or Purrfect?

Funny movie names can also be used to play a bit with a goofy name for a boy cat.

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