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Life without pets is really boring! Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to know that a living creature is waiting for you at home? Almost half of the world population has a cat, dog, parrot or other cute pets at home while the other half is dreaming about having them! We are not going to tell you about the best cat breed, but we want to help you pick up the best name for your lovely kitty! So if you are ready to become an owner of a cool fluffy cat, some ideas of great cat names will be useful for you!

Good Names for Boy Cats

Owners of boy cats know for sure how hard it can be to choose a badass name for their pet. To start with, a name should be consistent with the character of the kitten, though defining some traits of characters of baby cats might be difficult. Yet, you should pay attention to some details or preferences of kitty cats. Thus, the energetic and rebellious boy kitten might get a name like Chaos. Noisy cats can be named in accordance with the kind of noise they make (pay attention to such name as Murrphie).

Good Female Cat Names

Choosing a popular female cat name is usually not a simple task. It’s a common thought that a girl cat can’t have a badass name. What a nonsense! Good cat names don’t necessarily mean unique or unusual. Good female cat names are also about simplicity and elegance. Thus, your girl cat will be a charming friend if you name her like a flower. Let it be the one you associate with your cat’s fur color. Perhaps, it will be the flower you like the most.
It’s a good idea to name a cat in relation to a breed. You may shorten the name of the breed to use it as the nickname (calico – Kallie). Names with the cat meaning are still in fashion. It’s easy to find something special for your cat friend!

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