Persian Cat Names


Fluffy white and grey (or blue) cats of the Persian breed aren’t only fancy and cute, but also adaptable and affectionate, which are the main reasons why people are crazy about them! Although it may be hard to take care after a long-haired Persian kitty, it’s difficult to resist that adorable cat with the squishy face. If you have already become an owner of one of the Persian baby kittens, you need to get some ideas of popular Persian names for your flat faced cat.

Male Names for Persian Kittens

It’s evident that if the breed of cats is called Persian, then you’d better use Farsi names. Although Farsi or Persian language is spoken only in a few countries, it’s full of ideas on how to name your pet. A Shirazi boy cat will live a really full life under the courageous name like Arash.

Persian mythology is not only interesting to read, but also useful for owners of Persian cats. Names of mythological characters and gods will come in handy to name a kitten (even of other breeds).

Male names for Persian Kittens include variants of names, related to a color of their coat. White, grey or bluish fluffy cat names can be inspired by nature and its phenomena (like Snow, Smokey, etc.).

Best Female Persian Cat Names

The Persian breed is considered to be glamorous and fashionable. Yes! The breed of cats can also be fashionable or not. According to this, it’s important to be careful and creative when choosing a name for a smashed face cat. Where can you find the greatest number of glamour? Of course, in the world of fashion and show business! It’s a common idea to name Persian cats after famous designers, models or stylists. Isn’t it wonderful to know that your girl cat is an outstanding figure in the fashion world?

Floral names, “golden” and “sweet” ones are in the center of attention of Persian cat owners. People are used to thinking that beauty is in those things. It’s a good idea to apply to them.

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