Siamese Cat Names

Don Juan

It’s not a secret that many people are crazy about Siamese cats. What is so special about them? Distinct appearance and extroverted nature aren’t the only reasons to fall in love with this breed. Tan bodies, dark brown tails, paws, and ears along with bright blue eyes will charm everybody!

Because of the mystique nature of Siamese cats, it is difficult to choose a name for your kitty. Siamese cat names should be as unique as this breed itself. If you have already adopted a baby cat or just going to do this, think about the ideas of Siamese cat names first.

Interesting Siamese Cat Names for Boy Cat

Siamese boy cats are too stubborn to get an ordinary name. If Siamese kittens don’t like their names, they will probably ignore you every time you address them. The reference to the breed is too simple to become the name of YOUR pet. There are a lot of variants of names, able to make you and your kitten interested in.

Start with the appearance of your kitten. Snowshoe will become a good idea for Siamese cats with the combination of white and black or chocolate colors.

Some Siamese cats have the tendency to be cross eyed. For cats with beautiful eyes that slant, you may choose something special like Edward Scissorjaws. The mix of Siamese and Persian cats (or Siamese and Chinese) may get names, connected with Greek gods (as the resembling of the connection between the gods and ordinary people).

Cute Female Siamese Cat Names

To come up with a female name for your Siamese cat is also a hard task. Some people are limited to boring variants, connected with the breed. However, others prefer more elegant names for their girl pets. A fluffy kitten with long hair may be named like a flower. Cleopatra is a luxurious name for a seal point or lynx point cat considering this distinguishing feature.

It’s also a good idea to use cartoon names for your Siamese kitten. Lilac point Siamese cats with “lilac” names will be your cutest friends.

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