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The Laziest Recipe for B-Day Pet Cakes for Cats

Linda Mathews
Make fancy birthday cakes for your felines in 5 minutes! Don’t believe that it is real? One moment! Only three ingredients and several minutes of your time are required.


  • 1 Cat food can
  • Liver or fish pate for decoration
  • Dry cat treats for decoration


  • Prepare birthday cakes for cats to eat with no hassle. Just take a can with cat food from the fridge.
  • Shake it off onto the serving plate.
  • Add some decorations at your fancy. For example, take a cooking bag and draw a circle (made of pate or other sauce) around the canned food.
  • Put some dry cat treats to the top together with the birthday candle.
  • Ready! Maybe this is not about the designer Cat Noir birthday or Pusheen cat cake but yummy for your dear feline!