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Salmon & Vegetable Cat Birthday Cake (Cupcake-Like Serving)

Linda Mathews
Do you want to arrange a party with guests for your B-day pet? Excellent! Prepare colorful (almost a rainbow cat cake!) and tasty cat cupcakes for all the felines on your celebration.


  • 3.5 ounces Boiled and shredded chicken
  • 1 Can of salmon
  • ½ cup Green vegetables (peas, broccoli, string beans)
  • ½ Sweet potato or carrot (optionally)
  • 1 tsp Salt


  • Steam or boil a sweet potato/carrot and green vegetables you decided to use for these cupcakes.
  • Shred chicken and boiled vegetables. Add some salt to vegetables when they are still warm.
  • Open the can with salmon and put the drained slices of fish onto the serving plate.
  • Cover salmon with the form for cupcakes or cookies. It can be round or of another shape (for example, it is possible to make a cat-shaped cake this way).
  • Make the next layer from diced chicken. Flavor with some salt.
  • Place the next layer made of orange vegetables (shredded sweet potato or carrot).
  • Make the next layer of green vegetables (mashed peas, beans, or blended broccoli).
  • Serve the cupcakes with cream cheese* and green peas. This way your cupcakes will become the brightest and tastiest cat birthday decorations.


*Can cats eat cream cheese? Some felines adore treats with this ingredient, other bewhiskered pets do not prefer it at all.
You know your birthday fluffy boy or girl the best. In case your feline dislikes cream cheese, you can replace the sauce with the Tiki cat wet food or live pate.