Big Cat Names

Interesting Names For Big Cats

Big cats are a real treasure for cat followers. Their “big personality” attracts everybody! Although some people are afraid of giant cats because of their possible wild nature, others don’t deny themselves the pleasure of having a big pet cat as a strong friend.

Maine coon isn’t the only huge cat breed. So if you want to adopt a big kitty, look through all large breeds, and then think about ideas of names for big cats. Special cats should be named in a special way!

Fluffy girl kitties of large breeds may be named after fictional cats from different cartoons or films. Books are full of possible female cat names too. So if you are looking for a piece of inspiration, just remember any stories or your favorite characters from these stories.

The list of beautiful female cat names may include some royal names either the title or definite names of royal figures (Duchess will be wonderful). Great and outstanding politicians will be in the center of your attention, too. What do you think about Margaret Thatcher? Your big pet are unlikely to refuse to become an iron lady.

Tough names for a male cat usually include the names of wild and strong animals. There are two possible ways: to use just the names of the breed (Lion) or nicknames of famous representatives of this breed.

Foreign names that mean big things, as well as various translations of this word and its synonyms into other languages, will provide you with appropriate name ideas for your huge pet. Fat and chubby cats are usually famous under cartoon names.

Some big cat owners are crazy about naming their cats with the help of military ranks. They are happy to know that their pets are their defenders.

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