Editorial Standards

Our Mission

Our goal at CatsPurfection.com is to help make your pets’ lives happy, comfortable, harmonious, and safe.

In collaboration with veterinarians and experts, we prepare clear, useful, and reliable reviews of essential supplies for cats and provide detailed answers to frequently asked questions from cat owners.

Our Promise To You

  • We strive to provide up-to-date and helpful information on key aspects of cat life and health, as well as provide helpful tips, reviews, and guides.
  • We do not take payment for mentioning people, products, companies, or places.

Our Editorial Principles and Ethics

All publications on the site comply with our editorial principles and ethics. Here is our editorial policy.

  • Accurate and trustworthy. We only share information that is current, truthful, accurate, useful, and easy to read. Collaboration between the Editorial Team and Advisory Board results in unique, reliable, useful content.
  • Relevant. We make sure that the content on the site is always relevant, therefore we periodically update the content in accordance with new trends.
  • Clear and concise. We strive to ensure that all information provided is easy to read and understandable. Each article goes through several stages of verification: thorough proofreading by the Editorial Team and meticulous review by the Advisory Board.
  • Useful. Our main goal is to provide useful content for cat owners. We strictly monitor that all information is relevant, engaging, and useful, so we always check readers’ reviews, edit articles in accordance with received suggestions in order to make them as useful as possible. If you would like to share feedback or suggestions, please email us.
  • Quality. We strive to deliver high-quality content, which includes a selection of quality illustrations, photographs, verified statistics, and error-free text publishing. After the article is written, it is double-checked for errors by the Editorial Team. After that, the Advisory Board scrutinizes the text and gives tips for improvement if needed. At the last stage, it is edited and proofread again. All these steps ensure that the reader receives flawless content.
  • Independent. We do not accept financial rewards in return for coverage. We abide by FTC disclosure guidelines. If we receive a reward for publishing, we make it clear to our readers.

Our Editorial Quality Standards

Content of high quality is our top priority. We have developed a system of principles and rules that we strictly adhere to in order to provide accurate, concise, and readable content. These principles are as follows:

  • Choice of topics. We carefully select topics based on statistical data and up-to-date information on trends.
  • Readability. We review articles in several stages before publication to provide readers with useful and error-free material.
  • Truthfulness. All information provided is trustworthy; we always include information from credible and reliable sources: verified statistical information, scientific research, medical data.
  • Regular publications and updates. We publish articles in accordance with an appropriate content plan. On top of that, once a year all published articles are checked for relevance. In case of inconsistencies, the format of the article and its content are edited until no more changes are required.
  • High-quality photos and collages. We select only high-quality photos that match the content of the article. The Editorial Team chooses the best photos based on the following principles:
    – All photos must have a good resolution (the minimum value is 600×600);
    – There must be a permission to use the photos, and we indicate the authors of the photos and place the appropriate links;
    – We do not use photographs that are discriminatory or violent;
    – All photos used must not be watermarked;
    – Unique collages for each article are created.
  • Plagiarism. All content published on our site is unique. We never pass off information written by others as our own. However, we sometimes use citations from authoritative sources (scientific/medical magazines, interviews with the veterinarians, verified statistics) that illustrate a point of view, support a certain position, better reveal the topic of the article, and provide the reader with additional useful information. A complete reference for each source is included in the reference list at the end of the article.
  • Links. Sometimes we add relevant links to articles that supplement or disclose the information provided. In addition, sometimes we add external links to the products mentioned in the article. We recommend only high quality and safe products that meet ethical standards.

How We Source Content

We work with highly trained veterinarians and licensed experts who provide guidance and advice on content.

Our Writers And Editors

Our team is made up of professional writers and editors (our Editorial Team) who have vast experience in various fields, including pets and pet-related topics (pet supplies, pet care, animal health). In addition, veterinarians and licensed experts are also involved as members of the Advisory Board.

Editorial Corrections

We do our best to make the content as useful, accurate, and literate as possible. However, there is always room for improvement. If you notice any inaccuracies or errors, please let us know. Write to email and we will fix everything as soon as possible.


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