Brown Cat Names


Creative Names For Brown Cats

The color of cat’s fur plays an important role when you are thinking about adopting a kitten. The variety of possible kitty colors is highly impressive. However, cats of the coffee color will always attract prospective pet owners. The popularity of brown cats and kittens are the result of people’s belief in their rarity. And this is true to a certain extent. So if you’ve already decided to get an unusual pet, mull over its name before!

The easiest, but still effective, way to hit upon the name of your all brown cat is to apply to its color. It’s not as boring as you think, because brown cats can have different shades. It’s possible to name dark brown or light brown kittens along with a chocolate coloured cat on the basis of associations with food or drinks. For example, Cappuccino will be a creative unisex name. A reddish or cinnamon colored cat may turn into Crimson or Bun (as buns with cinnamon). It’s up to you to decide what food association you have with the fur color of your pet.

Striped brown cats or kittens with brown spots are also special when it comes to their names. Different combinations of colors evoke different associations Thus, grey and brown, as well as brown and white stripes on the fur, look like marble while black and brown colors turn your cat into a turtle. In this connection, the idea of naming your cat after other animals is wonderful.

Eyes are another distinctive characteristic which will give you a hint for your cat’s name. Cats with blue eyes as well as kitties with green eyes are usually named like flowers and jewelry (if we are talking about female cat names) or like other wild animals.

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