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A name for a kitten is the same as a name for a human: it affects fate, represents inherent features, and makes your pet special. Sometimes it reflects not only the appearance of a kitty, but also character, habits or even a glance at the world. For this reason, some owners even choose the middle name for their pets.
Your cat is worthy of a name that reflects his or her character. How does your pet behave? What is his or her uniqueness? How to choose a cool name that will suit your female or male cat?

You probably already studied all the advice on choosing a cute name, studied all the suggested names collections or maybe even looked at the names of ancient gods and mythical heroes. If nothing comes to your mind and it makes you dizzy, just flip for it. Or you can use the random cat name generator.

Its work principle is to randomly select an option from an extensive database of various names – unique, generic, strong and funny. Click on the button and name your pet the way the generator suggests. Even if you do not like it, you will have many new ideas. You can generate names many times until you get the right one.