Famous Cat Names


Do you really think that to choose a name for your child is the hardest thing? Then you have never thought over the perfect name for your kitty! Although for some people naming a pet is a foregone conclusion, others have a lot of difficulties and hesitations, thinking over appropriate variants. The easiest way to make out how to name your new friend is to apply to the most famous cat names!

Famous Female Cat Names

The idea to name your cat after different characters from popular movies isn’t new yet still popular among cat followers. What do you think about literary cat names? In literature, you’ll find the best fictional cats! The Cheshire cat, which is considered to be almost legendary, is only one sample of famous cats’ names.

As well as that it’s easy to find something special and unique in history or mythology. You should know that in mythology cats have always been the prominent figures! Just find a few legends from world’s mythologies about cats or with their participation and you’ll hit upon the best name for your feline.

Most Famous Male Cat Names

Disney world is the best source of popular names for your male cat. “Felix the Cat”, “Tom and Jerry”, and “Looney Tunes” Cats aren’t the only possible animated cartoons that can be used as the base for naming your cat. While cats characters from these cartoons inspire owners of black cats, “Garfield”, “Winnie the Pooh”, “The Lion King”, “Oliver and Company”, and others serve as the source of inspiration for owners of cats of different colors. You shouldn’t be connected to the color of your cat’s fur when choosing a name for him. Do you like any cartoon character? Does its name sound attractive to you? Then name your pet after this cartoon cat and enjoy shouting this name every time you call your kitty!

Famous Internet cats will not leave you indifferent! Grumpy cat, as one of the cute representatives of the Internet world, will help you give a name for your pet!

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