Tortoiseshell Cat Names

D.J. (Deejay)

All cats are beautiful creatures that fascinate with their grace, charm and beauty whatever breed they belong to. But a tortoiseshell cat can really become your mascot.

There is a popular belief that only female cats are three-colored. However, from time to time, tortie male cats are born as well. The choice of breed depends on your financial shape. But the question of how to name a kitten is limited by an inexhaustible stretch of your imagination. Surely, you can take the soft option and name your pet β€œTom” as an example. But a good unusual name will delight not only the pet, but also the owner.

The owner often gets a pedigreed cat already with the chosen name. But it can be too complicated both for a kitten and for the owner. Therefore, it is better to decide in advance how to name a kitty, despite the name in the documents.

Tortoiseshell girl cats are real flirtatious ladies in all respects. They are very gentle, friendly, active and playful. These cats deserve to be given unique names that will reflect their distinct personality types.

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