Unisex Cat Names


A little kitten or an adult cat in your house is always a joyful event! Buying a cat, it is important not only to think about where your pet will sleep and what will eat, but also to pick up a cute name. A simple and fun activity at first glance can turn into a real test for the owners.

Sometimes the owners do not know if they will acquire a tabby or tom cat until the last moment. And when the cat is already bought, there is very little time left to think. If you are choosing between a male and female cat, think about gender neutral pet names in advance.

What are the rules for selecting names for pets of both genders? Is it possible to let the imagination run wild or should it be limited to the standard options? If all these questions are burning in your minds, the information below will be helpful.

The name of a cat is as important as the name of a person. It must be such that you can easily repeat it. We have collected gentle and sonorous, unique and traditional, simple and complex, in short, the best androgynous names for pets – that is, those that are suitable both for boy and girl kittens.

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