page title icon Are Siamese Cats Friendly?

by Linda Mathews Last Updated February 20, 2022

People who like cats and want to become pet parents, usually need some information about different breeds to decide which is better for their family. What about Siamese felines? Let’s discuss in detail these clever and talkative pets. You will like this breed anyway. These both intelligent and beautiful pets are very multifaceted indeed.

What Is a Siamese Cat?

Siamese cats are one of the oldest and cleverest breeds in the world. They have wonderful cyan eyes and nice big ears. Their short fur is shiny. It is necessary to brush it once a week. Also, you should regularly cut their nails.

Siameses weigh from 2 to 4-5 kg, depending on the sex of a pet and some other factors. These cats typically live for 14-16 years, maybe a bit more. Unfortunately, Siamese cats may have some health problems. The most widespread among them are retinal atrophy and cancers.

Do Siamese cats make good pets? Sure, they are. Read more about their personality and behavior patterns.

Siamese Cat Personality

Siamese cats love spending time with people. These pets almost hate loneliness. They enjoy playing with bright balls and artificial mice. Additionally, Siamese cats are:

  • Very kid-friendly. They love both babies and older children. Cats don’t become nervous or aggressive if kids play with them clumsily.
  • Attention-maniacs. If there is nobody at home for the whole day, Siamese cats are depressed. They can follow people everywhere to get attention if people ignore them.
  • Perfect playmates and willing to communicate with other pets too.
  • Loud vocalizers. Their constant meowing can be a bit irritating.
  • Explorers. They almost every minute do something instead of sitting or sleeping. Siamese cats are always interested in everything you do.
  • Good learners. They are easy to train. For example, these buddies can play fetch, walk on a cat-leash, jump through gymnastic hoops, and give a high five.

Why Do Siamese Cats Meow So Much?

Why Do Siamese Cats Meow So Much?

This feline breed is very vocal. It is worth noting that Siamese meowing has different meanings. First, this way your pet asks for your attention. This is the top-priority reason for increased feline vocalization.

Additionally, a Siamese can ask the owner about other things like food, treats, water, toys, etc. Your task is to care much about your pet and never ignore your bewhiskered friend. Try to differentiate the voices and tonalities of your feline meowing to give anything your Siamese wants as soon as possible (hugs, love, favorite treats, games with you, and so on).

How Can I Get My Siamese Cat to Stop Meowing?

How Can I Get My Siamese Cat to Stop Meowing?

Siamese can meow because of different reasons. But first, it is better to exclude the most dangerous trigger that can lead to feline depression – be sure you are not ignoring your bewhiskered buddy.

Surround your pet with love and care. Do not let them be bored. Talk with your Siamese, hug, and play. These cats will meow less if you pay enough attention to them and do not leave behind all their wishes and needs. You can adopt one more Siamese – felines of this breed behave calmer and vocalize less while living in pairs.

But note that begging before or right after meals should be given the go-by. If you treat your pet right after each demanding vocalization, your sly and clever feline can start to meow and yow even louder to get goodies immediately!

How Do Siamese Cats Show Affection?

Let’s take a closer look at all possible ways Siamese cats show their affection. These felines trust and love you when they engage in conversation and murr-purr, wave their tail, blink slowly, and many more.

Head Bunting Loved Ones

Head Bunting Loved Ones

Siamese cats not only mark their territory and owner this way but show pure love and confidence. If your pet is bunting its head and purring at the moment, this is a true sign of affection.

Rubbing Their Body On Loved Ones

The utmost credence of Siamese cats is the desire to rub your body, lie on you, and allow owners to ruffle their fur. This is some kind of dialog full of love and faithful friendship. Your feline shows you that it feels safe next to you and would like to show affection while rubbing.


Pay attention to the way your cat answers you. Try to talk more to mention sounds and vocalization patterns while a Siamese is engaged in conversation. It is so cute to have a talk with your bewhiskered pet!

Following Caregivers Around

If a Siamese cat is always near you, this is a sign of affection. Do not get angry about your pet following you around. Try to talk with a feline while doing something. For example, ruffle a cat’s fur while:

  • Cooking;
  • Knitting;
  • Watching TV;
  • Reading a book, etc.

Your bewhiskered pet will be happy to become your companion at home.

Mounting on Caregivers’ Shoulders

Some Siamese cats are willing to mount your shoulders to become closer. If you have just adopted a feline, don’t be shocked by such behavior. Some experts also state that the desire to sit on the owner’s shoulders is the way to feel safer when it comes to Siamese buddies.

Interactive Play

Interactive Play

This is a sign of affection when you see that your Siamese is totally involved in a game. They can play interactively if you are loved and trusted. Surprise your cat with new activities to have fun together and show your care.

Slow Blinking

When a Siamese blinks slowly, it means that a cat is absolutely relaxed with you. Your pet confides in you and is pleased to spend time with his/her caregiver.

Tail Waving

There are many ways of tail waving to take into consideration. In comparison with dogs, Siamese cats should not move their bushy brush too fast to show friendliness or other positive feelings. A sign of affection is when tail waving is slow, calm, and fluent.

Licking Loved Ones

The more Siamese’s habits you know, the more dog-like behavior patterns of this breed are discovered. For example, licking loved ones is one of these actions similar to doggy pets. Usually, owners state that their cats lick them when they wake up or come back home. It means that Siamese felines can show their caregivers how they love and miss them.

Will a Siamese Cat Get Along with My Dog?

Will a Siamese Cat Get Along with My Dog?

Do Siamese cats get along with dogs? Although this feline breed is very independent and sullen, most cats make friends with other pets at home. Moreover, Siameses dislike loneliness and boredom. That is why you can be sure that your cat will have fun with your dog while you are out.

First, you can arrange some cat-free and dog-free areas in the house to allow your pets to get used to each other. They will know that there are safe territories without other animals here. Additionally, help your Siamese to get along with your dog with the help of conjoint games. Pay attention equally to both pets as well.

Do Siamese Cats Like Children?

Siameses are totally tolerant of all people. They are very easy-going with adults and kids. About exceptional tolerance to humans states reputable resources about felines like TICA.

Speaking about children, you can count on good relationships between your Siamese and your daughter or son. Note that your kids should respect and behave well with the cat. If children treat the bewhiskered pet badly, your feline can avoid contacting small family members.

Why Are Siamese Cats So Owner-Friendly and Combative with Everyone Else?

Why Are Siamese Cats So Owner-Friendly and Combative with Everyone Else?

There are many reviews from siamese owners that are very possessive to their caregivers. If you give a hug to someone, be ready that your pet will demand the same almost immediately. Some cats can protect you with their aggressive behavior with strangers. That is why there is a conception that Siameses are combative with everyone else who comes to your house.

Is This Behavior Healthy?

An extremely poor socialization background is far from normal. Especially if aggression takes place in regards to family members and pets. Consult your vet about the strange behavior of your pet. But start with the increased time spent with your Siamese and more care together with love to prove your affection.


Are Siamese Cats More Doglike in Their Affection Towards Humans?

Yes, Siameses show their affection similar to dogs. For example, they wave their tails and lick the owner.

Do Siamese Cats Like to Cuddle?

Yes, this is one more way they show their affection. Siamese cats very like to cuddle.

Do Siamese Cats Get Aggressive?

Yes, Siamese cats get aggressive if they protect themselves or their caregivers. There are even stories about scratched robbers attacked by felines of this breed.

Do Siamese Cats Like to Be Petted?

Yes, they like petting very much. Moreover, if you pet one of your fluffy companions, be ready that your Siamese will ask about petting immediately not to stay without your attention.

Are Siamese Cats Friendly to Other Cats?

In most cases, they make friends with other animals in the house. That is why Siamese felines usually get along well with dogs and other cats.

Final Word

If your dream is a calm phlegmatic pet, Siamese will become your best fluffy companion. Are Siamese cats friendly to humans? They are very loving to their caregivers while asking for more and more love from them.

Moreover, this is one of the most snuggly cat breeds in the world – Siamese cats make friends with dogs and tolerate kids.