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by Andrew Guerra Last Updated December 1, 2023

Balinese is known as the purebred long haired Siamese. These cats are playful, friendly, and active creatures that will not leave anyone indifferent. They are very attached to their family, love children, and have a friendly attitude towards strangers. Their supple and athletic body conceals a powerful jumper, and thanks to their long, silky coat the Balinese are a luxurious take on the Siamese breed.

If you want to become a proud owner of this beautiful feline, then check out this article. We will dive into the history of one of the most long-haired breeds, its appearance, character, and maintenance costs. Besides, we will tell you where you can buy or adopt a long haired Siamese cat.

Breed Overview

WEIGHT RANGE: 6 to 11 pounds

LENGTH: 1.5 feet

COAT LENGTH: Long-haired

COAT COLOR: The coat color is creamy, there are various colorpoints, including lynx point, blue point, lilac point, and flame point Balinese.


LIFE EXPECTANCY: The distinct range is 12-20 years

What is a Balinese cat?

What is a Balinese cat?

Balinese is a long hair Siamese cat. What is the difference between a Siamese and a Balinese? This breed has arisen as a result of a spontaneous genetic mutation in purebred Siamese cats. His graceful body, mesmerizing blue eyes, and cheerful disposition have won millions of hearts around the world. True Balinese is a family cat that loves attention. He is easily trainable and highly energetic, so he requires attention, otherwise, he can be very moody, and destructive behavior will develop.

Balinese is a great choice for singles and families. Such a cat gets along well with other pets.

Balinese-Javanese Cats

In 2008, the Cat Fanciers Association merged the existing cat breeds Balinese and Javanese (a hybrid between shorthaired and Balinese cats) into one breed with patterns classed separately. Previously, the Javanese were considered a separate breed.

What Is the Himalayan or Colorpoint Longhair Cat?

A Siamese/Persian hybrid is known as a “himmie.” They have coloration similar to the Siamese, but they have a thick and long coat. 


The first long haired Siamese kittens appeared as a result of an accidental genetic mutation of Siamese felines in the 1900s. The Siamese felines were almost wiped out after World War I, therefore, there are claims that some breeders used other breeds (such as Turkish Angora) to bring the breed back.

 Initially considered exclusively as pets, in 1928 the Balinese were first registered as show animals by the American Cat Fanciers Federation. In the 1950s, breeders began to make serious efforts to breed Siamese felines with longer hair into a separate breed. A breeder Sylvia Holland (she was an illustrator for Walt Disney Studios) worked hard to establish the breed standard in the 1960s and 1970s. There were successful cases – Sylvia Holland’s Balinese kittens from her breeding program. The Cat Fanciers Association recognized the breed in 1970. This cat is a long-haired Siamese cat, but it is named Balinese thanks to Helen Smith – one of the first Siamese breeders. She was inspired by the graceful movements of the Balinese dancers and came up with this name.



Their creamy white body is elegant yet muscular. Their corn-silky, soft, long coat that resists lays close to their body, accentuating their lean physique. They also have long hair on the tail.

This medium sized cat has fine bones, the legs are long and lithe, the hind legs are longer than the front ones, which makes them terrific jumpers. The paws are oval, the tail is long and tapering towards the end. Their distinctively wedge shaped head features long tapering lines, the ears are wide and pointed at the ends, they create a triangle shape. The eyes are almond-shaped and can be pale blue, vivid blue, or sapphire purple. There are also a little bit different Balinese – their head and body are more rounded, and their coat is long all over the body, not only on the tail.

Coat and color

Long-haired cats are born white, their fur is medium length, and over time, it becomes longer and acquires color on the points – ears, paws, tail, and face. The Cat Fanciers Association standard encompasses the following colors: classic Siamese points, only the classic seal point, blue and lilac points, chocolate point, while other colors are classified as Javanese.

Balinese Cat Personality and Temperament

Welcoming a Balinese baby into your family means getting an affectionate, loving, and devoted companion who is always ready for a heart-to-heart talk but loves to have the last word. Though these cats tend to be as vocal as their relatives, they have a softer tone.

Their friendliness, devotion, unconditional love for their owners make them perfect companions both for singles or large families.

Hypoallergenic Claims

There is no official data proving the hypoallergenicity of these Siamese relatives. However, compared to most cats, Balinese cats have been found to produce very low levels of allergenic proteins Fel d1 and Fel d4.


A pointed pattern is a form of partial albinism. It depends on temperature and appears in areas of the body with the least low temperature – tail, face, and paws.



Despite their chic long hair, Balinese cats are unpretentious in grooming. They have no fluffy undercoat typical for the Siamese and shed less than other cat breeds; it is necessary to comb them twice a week.

Besides, you can bathe your fluffy Siamese cat, but not often. On top of that, every day you need to brush your cat’s teeth with a special brush and paste. It is also necessary to monitor the eye and ear health – wipe the eyes and ears with damp discs as they get dirty. 

These longhaired cats are very energetic and sociable, they need daily attention and regular activities, so they love toys that will entertain them and satisfy their curiosity. Balinese love to observe their surroundings, so cat trees where they can rest and hide from the hustle and bustle are a must.

They are pets that love the company of their owners, so they are great felines for families with children or for pet owners who desperately need the company of a loving pet. Remember that they are talkative and vocal, so if you want a quiet cat, the Balinese do not fit that criterion.


Balinese are a healthy breed, but they have hereditary diseases that all Siamese are susceptible to. The most common health problems are the following.

  • Progressive retinal atrophy is one of the most common diseases seen in Balinese. Besides, strabismus and glaucoma can develop.
  • Amyloidosis is a disease in which protein metabolism in the body is disrupted. First of all, the liver of a pet can suffer from it.
  • Respiratory problems (asthma or bronchial diseases/infections).
  • Congenital heart defects such as aortic stenosis;
  • Hyperesthetic syndrome (the cats over-groom their fur).
  • Lymphoma.
  • Nystagmus, a neurological disorder that causes involuntary and rapid eye movement.

A cat’s life expectancy depends on a variety of factors, including diet, lifestyle, environment, and genetics. How long do long-haired Siamese live?  These felines live up to 20 years.

Editor’s Note

Are long-haired Siamese cats hypoallergenic? 

Despite not being hypoallergenic, they can make better companions for allergy sufferers than other long-haired breeds.

Diet and Nutrition

The Balinese cat’s diet should be varied and nutritious. These felines are carnivores, so their diet should contain at least 32% protein. Besides, cat food should contain all the essential vitamins and minerals to support healthy muscles and tendons, eyes, heart, digestive, and immune systems. Balinese are picky, so you may find that they prefer wet food. If you choose a wet diet or homemade cat food, then be sure to maintain your cat’s oral hygiene.

Fun Facts

The Balinese is an uncommon breed that ranks 35th out of the 41 breeds accepted by the Cat Fanciers’ Association.

Only registered, purebred Siamese cats were approved in the Balinese breeding program to maintain the stability of their lineages.

Balinese Cat Price

How much does a Balinese cat cost? The cost of longhaired Siamese kittens depends on their pedigree, health status, as well as the level of care of the kittens. How much is a long haired cat? On average, the price of a Balinese kitten is $600. Of course, if you are looking for more affordable options, you can always find Balinese cats for sale. Read more about siamese cat pricing here.

Balinese Breeders

The breeder must be officially registered, be conscientious, and his reputation must be impeccable. It is best to visit the breeder in person, get to know the kittens and their parents, and evaluate the living conditions of the kittens. Don’t forget to ask about health problems. Good breeders are sure to provide genetic testing results and a history of cat diseases.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Balinese Cat

If you’ve decided to buy a Balinese cat, then look only for reliable breeders with excellent testimonials. Besides, make sure they have healthy felines. If you’ve decided to adopt a Balinese kitten, then find and visit a local Balinese cat rescue organization. Getting a cat from a shelter is cheaper than buying him from breeders. However, in this case, you will not be able to find out about the pedigree and the health condition of a cat. Thus, in this case, it is highly likely to get Siamese mix cats.

Should I buy a Balinese cat?

If a lovely, affectionate, intelligent, devoted, cute, and graceful cat sounds like the cat you are ready to live with for his lifetime, then the Balinese breed is the right cat for you. However, they require attention, and you must be prepared for this.

Fun Facts

The Balinese is considered an uncommon breed and is ranked 35th in terms of popularity by the Cat Fanciers’ Association

Only registered, purebred Siamese were allowed in the Balinese breeding program to guarantee the stability of their lineages.


Are Balinese cats high maintenance?

No, despite having a lengthy coat, the breed does not require a lot of upkeep. They don’t require as many baths as some other long-haired cats and shed less.

How big do Balinese cats get?

Balinese cats can weigh anything from 4 to 10 pounds and be between 8 and 10 inches tall.

Editor’s Note

Are long-haired Siamese cats rare?

No, they are pretty common.


Thus, these friendly felines with inquisitive and playful nature and striking beauty will be perfect companions for people who want to get an affectionate and faithful feline.