page title icon Flame Point Siamese: Facts, Genetics, and Personality

by Linda Mathews Last Updated November 10, 2021

Siamese cats are real royal favorites since for a long time they have lived exclusively in the palaces of the royal families. Nowadays, many people adore them due to their kindness, grace, and boundless love for the owner.

Siamese cats are beautiful creatures with a light-colored body (the Siamese cat colors encompass shades from beige to cream or dark cream); their paws, ears, tail, and face (points) are dark brown or black. The Siamese cat Flame Point (also known as Red Point Siamese cats) is one of the varieties of the Siamese breed. These felines have a creamy body, and their limbs are reddish. Their face also has a reddish color, and the eyes are blue.

This shade is found not only in traditional Siamese cats but also in other breeds, as well as in mixed breed cats.

In this article, we will talk about the genetics that determines the Flame Point color of cats, the peculiarities of their breeding, the Flame Point Siamese personality, health characteristics, and the cost of keeping these cats. If you are thinking about purchasing the Flame Point Siamese, then read on.

What Creates the Colorpoint Pattern?

The main distinguishing feature of this interesting effect, called acromelanism, is that the full expression of the pigment is observed only on the points – the face, ears, paws, and tail. The pigment melanin is responsible for the color of the coat, and its absence leads to the appearance of white or creamy coat color. To produce melanin, the body uses tyrosinase (a special enzyme). The Color gene is responsible for this effect in its recessive variation (c), which can be combined with all the other varieties of feline colors.

The colorpoint pattern is closely related to the cat’s thermoregulation, since a high temperature inhibits the production of melanin, so all colorpoint kittens are born completely white and as they grow, their points gradually acquire the colorpoint pattern. The tail is painted first due to a low temperature in this area, then the ears, face, and legs gradually darken; their coat color is completely formed only by the year of the flame point kitten’s life, but it does not end there – this process lasts a lifetime.

The Flame-Point Variant

Flame Point Siamese cats are pretty rare felines. Fire Point Siamese cats have a colorpoint pattern, the color of their points is red or orange. Genetically Flame Point Siamese cats are tabby cats, but due to the suppression of melanin production, the base color of the coat is beige, and the striped pattern is visible on the forehead in the form of an “M” mark.

What Does A Flame Point Siamese Cat Look Like?

What Does A Flame Point Siamese Look Like?

All Siamese cats have a distinctive colorpoint coat pattern and blue eyes. The Flame Point Siamese cat is distinguished by a slender, flexible body, long legs, large ears, and a wedge-shaped head. The traditional type of Siamese cats has a rounder head and a more rounded body.

The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) states that the Siamese breed has four original colors: chocolate, blue, lilac, and seal. Flame Tipped Siamese cats, tortie point Siamese cats, and lynxes are considered part of the Colourpoint Shorthair breed in the CFA. Besides, according to the International Cat Association (TICA), flame or red points are allowed. The points can be of any color, the only requirement is that the difference between the points and the main color should be noticeable.

How Are Flame Points Bred

The Flame Siamese cat is a cross between a purebred Siamese cat and an American Shorthair striped red or orange cat. In this case, the points turn orange, that is why this cat is called the Flame Point. Besides, these cats also have piercing blue eyes, which are a distinctive feature of Siamese cats. About 75% of Flame Point Siamese cats are male. Breeders began to breed the Red Point Siamese cats only in the 1930s, numerous experiments were carried out, which is why it has been managed to preserve the ideal features of Siamese cats and this unique coat color.

Things to Know When Owning a Flame Point Siamese

If you want to welcome this special Flame Point Siamese kitten to your family, then consider the following things.

  • Food & Diet Requirements

Cats are carnivores, so their food must contain at least 25% protein. Besides, if you buy ready-made food, then the first ingredient must be whole meat (chicken, turkey, beef, tuna). Dry food contains special additives that prevent tartar and diarrhea. However, it is not recommended to feed cats only dry food, it is necessary to add additional moisture to the diet: for instance, wet food or semi-moist food, as well as canned food. A varied diet (dry food in combination with wet food) helps avoid various health problems such as gastrointestinal upset, dental disease, and dandruff. Besides, after consulting your veterinarian, you can switch to homemade cat food.

  • Exercise

Flame Point Siamese cats are very curious and active. They love to explore all areas of their home. Besides, like all cats, they love to play with boxes, and they will be happy to play with kick toys. On top of that, Flame Point Siamese cats love to hang out in places with good vantage points. Therefore, we recommend that you consider buying multicomponent cat trees (with ladders, beds, and tunnels). Orange Point Siamese cats need daily exercises, so you should play with your cat several times a day. For cardio workouts, we recommend choosing a penlight or a string cat toy.

  • Training

Unlike their counterparts, who are difficult to train, Flame Point Siamese cats quite easily learn simple commands such as sit, lie down, and others. The principle of training these cats is similar to the principle of training dogs – you must be patient, repeat the commands several times, and stimulate your felines with treats.

  • Male vs Female

Females and males differ in both physical and emotional characteristics. Male Siamese cats are usually larger in size, and they also weigh more than females. Female cats are more temperamental and more active, while males are lazier and prefer to mess around. On top of that, regardless of gender, the Flame Points are not completely hypoallergenic, but they shed less than other breeds.


If you are looking for a cat with a striking appearance and flamboyant personality, then the Flame Siamese Cat is your best bet. We hope that this article was useful to you, and now you know all tidbits about this wonderful cat breed.