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by Linda Mathews Last Updated February 12, 2022

Slender, elegant, and muscular cats with impressive appearances and friendly personalities are loved by many people around the world. Siamese are extremely smart, they are happy to chat with their owners, and can even pick up their emotions.
Today, more than 40 breeds of Siamese cats are distinguished in the world.

Chocolate point is a unique genetic mutation of Seal point color, which is pretty rare. They can be affectionately referred to as “Choccie”, short for chocolate because they are the best embodiment of a chocolate cat color.

This article covers all the questions regarding the appearance and character of these cats. If you’ve been looking for the most complete guide on the variation of the Seal, then look no further. Here you will find answers to all questions cat lovers might have.

At A Glance

At A Glance

The homeland of these cheerful, playful Choccies is Thailand. They are known for their unusual look and affectionate personality. Females and males have slight differences both in terms of appearance and character.

Male Chocolate Point Siamese cat

Weight range: 8-12 lbs
Height range: 8-10 inches

Female Chocolate Point Siamese cat

Weight range: 8 lbs and less
Height range: 8-10 inches
Eye-color: According to the GCCF Standard, their eyes are vivid blue
Life Expectancy: 12 – 15 years
Shedding Tendency: low

Coat Length


Coat Color

A glossy light pinkish chocolate coat with deep chocolate brown markings or milk chocolate color points.

Social Needs: affectionate, always up to attention
Grooming Needs: Soft brushing once a week
Cat Association Recognition: GCCF, CFA

What is a Chocolate Point Siamese?

This color is one of the oldest colors of the Siamese breed. It has been acquired a separate identity only in 1950, previously it was considered a subspecies of the Seal point color. These colors are very similar, and the differences are minor.

A Brief History of the Chocolate Point Siamese cats

Siamese cats lived in Siam (Thailand) long before they came to Europe. This cat was considered a national relic of the country, was revered in temples as sacred, and was carefully protected by law. Siamese cats lived in the royal family and were part of some royal rituals. For a long time, the export of this breed outside Thailand was prohibited.

The first known Siamese color was Seal point that features dark brown (black) points on a beige body. Seal point was known as the “royal” color. Chocolate point Siamese has long been considered as a subtype of Seal point. Only in the 1950s, this color was recognized as a separate color of the Siamese breed.

What does a Chocolate point Siamese cat look like?

What does a chocolate point Siamese cat look like

The Chocolate point Siamese cat is one of the most popular cat breeds due to its striking appearance. The head of a dark brown Siamese cat is of medium size, the eyes are almond-shaped, they are neither protruding nor sunken. The ears are large and wide at the base. The body is graceful, long, and elegant with strong muscles.

The cat’s neck is long and slender. The limbs are long and proportional, while the paws are small and graceful. The tail is long and thin. The coat is short and shiny, there are chocolate-colored points that are located on the ears, legs, paws, and tail. The points are solid and even in color.

What is the difference between the Chocolate Point and the Seal Point Siamese Cats?

Many cat owners compare Chocolate point Siamese kittens vs Seal point Siamese cats, and many of them state that the differences are insignificant. Choccie point cats have milk chocolate points, the rest of the body features areas from ivory white fur to warm cream or baked milk areas (sometimes you can distinguish a Seal point from a Chocolate point only by the color of the tip of the nose leather and paw pads: Seal points have black areas, whereas for Chocolate point Siamese, the nose and the paw pads are brown).

What is the Chocolate Point Siamese Cats’ Personality like?

What two words can describe a Chocolate Point Siamese personality? The first two words that come to mind are energetic and friendly. These little furry balls of inexhaustible energy are always ready for adventure, they are always up to learning new teams, and playing with the owner, family members, or domestic pets.

Chocolate Points tend to be jealous and territorial towards other cats in the household, but if you introduce the pets correctly, then there should be no problems, and the animals will get along well with each other. Being highly outgoing by nature, these felines can become depressed if left alone at home. Therefore, busy people or those who prefer loneliness should refrain from buying Chocolate point kittens.

Chocolate point Siamese cats are very curious, intelligent, easy to train, and they adore attention. They are just wonderful pets for those people who lack positive emotions and unconditional love in life.

Are there mixed Chocolate Point breeds?

There are two major mixed Chocolate point breeds: Chocolate Tabby Point Siamese and Chocolate Tortie Point Siamese.

Chocolate Tabby Point Siamese

These cats arose as a result of crossing Seal point Siamese cats and a tabby cat. The breed known as the Lynx Point was born. Lynx Point Siamese cats feature distinctive stripes that extend from the cheeks, legs and go up to the tail.

Chocolate Tortie Point Siamese

Chocolate Tortie Point Siamese cats are the result of complex breeding between Chocolate Point and Tortoiseshell cats. These cats have mottled body points.

How much does a Chocolate Point cat cost?

A Siamese Chocolate point cat costs an average of $600 to $1200, but it is quite possible to buy a purebred, healthy, well-bred kitten for $800. In any case, you should conduct a thorough analysis in order to make the most profitable deal. Oftentimes, there are Chocolate point Siamese for sale, so you can buy a lovely feline without spending a fortune.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Chocolate Point for you?

If you are looking for affectionate, outgoing, intelligent, fun loving, playful, and extremely loyal pets who will be the most devoted companion and selflessly loving animal, then the Chocolate point Siamese, a cat with an elegant appearance and piercing eyes, is just what you need.

How long do Chocolate point Siamese cats live?

Siamese cats are a healthy breed, and with proper care, they live an average of 12-15 years. There are individual cases of centenarians – these individuals live up to 25 years. Do not forget that the lifespan of a cat depends on many factors, such as heredity, living conditions, the emotional state of the animal, its health, and the care that you provide. If you want to learn more about cat caring tips, ​then seek professional advice.


Chocolate point Siamese kittens are the friendliest and cutest creatures you have ever seen. If you want to fill your life with positive emotions, daily smiles, heart-to-heart conversations, and warm cuddles, then a Siamese cat Chocolate point is definitely worth being a great addition to your family.

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