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by Linda Mathews Last Updated July 7, 2023

One of the most stunning feline breeds is Siamese. Many people dream about a fluffy pet companion with a friendly character and exceptionally attractive appearance. But it is rather challenging to find a Siamese cat for sale locally. It is recommended to start with the search for reliable catteries and breeders in your region.

If you are from the OH-based town or city, take a closer look at the breeding companies and feline individual fanciers that offer Siamese cats and kittens in Ohio. Additionally, you can explore the local animal rescue centers to find the bewhiskered pet here. Sometimes felines are lost or abandoned by their former owners. And you will be able to adopt a kitty of your favorite breed from the Siamese cat rescue Ohio centers.

Before checking the list of local catteries and breeders in OH, let’s delve into the history and interesting facts about bewhiskered buddies of your interest. If you are searching for Siamese kittens, it is better to know more about this breed, its peculiarities, and breed-like specials like the feline personalities, behavior, etc.

Interesting Facts About Siamese Cats

Interesting Facts About Siamese Cats

“Siamese kittens for sale in Ohio” is a popular request among OH citizens. But what curious facts do we know about this breed that is among the top ones for adoptions for Americans? Let’s dip into the most intriguing highlights about Siamese:

  • The cats of this breed originated from Thailand. That is why many Siamese cattery sellers offer Thai felines as pet companions with the traditional appearance.
  • Siamese kittens and adult males and females are very vocal. They always express their attitude to the surrounding with loud meowing.
  • All the felines have color points on their coats. You can purchase even the most exotic she or he-cats like flame-point Siamese kittens.
  • All the Siamese cats have a distinctive appearance with blue eyes. The shape of their head can vary. For example, there are traditional apple-head Siamese felines and fluffy buddies with the exceptional form of their bewhiskered head like wedge-head Siamese kitten males and females.
  • The most common color variations, according to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, are lilac-point, chocolate-point, blue-point, and seal-point cats. If you are searching for Siamese Bengal kittens or tabby Siamese kittens, be ready that there are fewer breeders who can offer small buddies of this color pattern.
  • Most Siamese blue-point kittens have pinkish noses and paw pads. When it comes to the chocolate-seal felines, the pink coloration of the nose and paw pads takes place when kitties are 8-12 months.
  • According to the International Cat Association, “the Siamese is the perfect pet for someone who wants lots of interaction and activity.” Besides, Siamese kittens get along well with other pets.
  • They are known for their supreme excellence.
    If you have a big family with children, be sure that each member will make friendship with your bewhiskered lady or gentleman. Buy a Siamese kitten with no worries and doubts!

Siamese Kittens for Sale in Ohio: Siamese Cat Breeders List 2021

If you are still asking the question: “Where to buy Siamese kittens?”, here is a list of the most reputable cat breeders in Ohio. Find a Siamese cattery, rescue center, or breeding company locally to have an opportunity to take a look at your potential pet and meet with feline fanciers. Most breeders in OH are ready to offer purebred Siamese kittens for sale.

Siamese Cattery/
City/townWebsite/Social MediaTelephoneE-mail
Siamese 740-707-0677N/A
Barrington Siamese KittensSaint 419-733-1324[email protected]
Sally Breeder (individual fancier)
Timezthais 440-829-4185[email protected]
Pawpourri +1 614-218-7918[email protected]
Cattery[email protected]
Synergy[email protected]
Vida 419 356-4744 [email protected]
CataristocratAshlandcataristocrat.comN/A [email protected]
Vicky Siamese

To have more detailed information about Siamese cat breeders, let’s take a closer look at the most attractive offers from sellers in Ohio. Contact with the catteries via email, telephone, or fill in their online forms on the official website.

There are many gorgeous Siamese cats — breeders in OH are ready to help you with your ideal pet search.

Editor’s Note

Average Price of a Siamese Kitten in Ohio?

Siamese kittens often cost between $500 and $1,500.



This local breeder offers classic Siamese cats for sale in Cincinnati, Ohio. The seller has the option of the kitty’s reservation if no feline is available at the moment.

Timezthais has three adult felines of different color patterns to breed chocolate-point, blue-point, and seal-point Siamese kittens. Timezthais was founded by Timothy Zabkar. Now, he is one of the most trusted traditional Siamese cat breeders in OH.

Pawpourri Cattery

Pawpourri Cattery

This breeder offers traditional (seal-point classic) Siamese kittens for sale in Columbus, Ohio. All the felines are friendly and obtain high-level communicative skills. If you are searching for the seal-point kitten for sale, contact the local breeder via email or telephone number specified on the website. If you cannot find a suitable kitten, then you can sign up for a waiting list.

Barrington Siamese Kittens

Barrington Siamese Kittens

This breeder sells Siamese kittens on Facebook. The location of the Barrington cattery is in Saint Marys, OH. The local breeder publishes posts about adopted kitties regularly. All the felines are of the traditional color pattern. Here, you can find pretty seal-point Siamese kittens (St. Marys).

Synergy Cattery

Synergy Cattery

This cattery is notable for its wide selection of Oriental and Siamese feline buddies. It is worth mentioning that the breeder does not offer too small (newborns) kittens. As it is more a rescue center for felines in need, it is possible to adopt a young male or female adult here. As a cattery, Synergy breeds Shaded Silver Orientals.

Vida Cattery Wauseon

Vida Cattery

The breeder offers Bengal and Siamese kittens for sale in Toledo, Ohio. This is one of the oldest catteries in OH (breeding Siamese felines since 1994). Here you can select a lilac-point, blue-point, or a seal-point kitten to adopt. The breeder allows OH-based citizens local shipping to the nearby cities and towns (Youngstown, Cleveland, Wauseon, etc.).

B & D Siamese Cattery

B & D Siamese Cattery

This Registered Traditional Cat Association Cattery raises purebred Siamese Appleheads and classic Siamese kittens in blue, seal, chocolate, and lilac point colors and patterns. This cattery has been in operation since 1967, which is quite impressive. Therefore, the customers can be sure of the high level of expertise of the owners. Besides, B & D cattery is vet-approved and vet-recommended, so you can be sure of your kittens’ physical health. Mental health is also a top priority for the cattery. Therefore, all kittens are treated like family members and get lots of attention, love, and care. 

Kittens are ready to leave their temporary home when they are 8-12 weeks old. They come TCA-registered, vaccinated, vet-checked, and FELV/FIV tested.


How many cats can you own in Ohio?

In Ohio, there is no restriction on the maximum number of cats one individual may have.

How To Choose a Siamese Kitten?

The kitten must be externally compliant with the standard, energetic, and moderately curious. Also, observe the mother cat’s behavior to see what personality traits a kitten will possess. Besides, carefully consider the appearance of the kitten. An enlarged tummy, foul mouth odor, bald patches on the coat, and dirt in the nose or ears must be absent.

Final Word

Where to get a Siamese cat? Potential owners from Ohio can explore local breeders, catteries, and animal rescue centers. Some kitties will cost from $100 up to $600 if the feline is purebred and obtains extraordinary color patterns.

Free Siamese kittens are also a real option. You can find felines for charge-free adoption on the local craigslist (like GoKitty craigslist). Kitties’ costs start at $20-100. Additionally, you can visit shelters or adoption service providers like Siamese Kittens Human Society in Ohio.

Pick sides with he or she-cat you would like to adopt. Cute short-haired and long-haired Siamese kittens are available for adoption in Ohio. Use contacts of local breeders and stay pleased with the pet companion you’ve always dreamed of!