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by Nancy Cooper Last Updated December 1, 2023

Stunning pointy cats with an elongated slim body and specific temperament… Of course, it is all about Siamese cats.
Siamese cat breeds cannot be confused with other felines because of their catchy body structure, charismatic character, and unique coat coloration.

Their natural beauty and elegance supplemented by a slender body, triangular-shaped head, large ears, and amazing blue eyes can leave no one indifferent.

Maybe that is the main reason why Siamese cats are so popular among cat lovers all over the world. When it comes to the most demanded coat colors, most cat experts consider white, lilac, and brown coat patterns more valuable.

And what about a black Siamese cat? Can Siamese cats be black? Let’s find out…

The Himalayan Gene

The Himalayan Gene

Being a uniquely adorable creature with such a special coat coloration, the Siamese cat is constantly at the top of the most popular home pets among cat lovers. Siamese cats’ coloring as well as their distinguished points result from a particular color gene called the Himalayan Gene.

The pointed markings of purebred Siamese felines are regarded as a specific type of albinism that appears due to an enzyme that secretes melanin on which a cat’s coloring depends. However, this enzyme has one distinct feature: it is heat sensitive and when a cat’s body temperature is normal, it doesn’t emit melanin. Because of such a special phenomenon, the coat of all Siamese cat breeds is creamy or white.

But it’s not about the extremities of the Siamese cats. The felines of the Siamese breeds usually have darker ear tips, faces, paws, and tails compared to the rest of their bodies. It can be easily explained – the cat’s extremities are normally cooler and that’s why they are of darker fur color.

How to Inherit Himalayan Gene?

The Himalayan Gene is an amazing phenomenon through which the Siamese cats get their pretty points. Actually, the Himalayan Gene is a type of mutation at a particular chromosome position where a concrete gene is placed that is called the C Locus. This gene is recessive to the full-color C gene and this means, so the feline requires two identical copies that allow the Siamese fur color to occur.

Is There Such a Thing As a Black Siamese Cat?

This is one of the easiest questions that concern the Siamese cat breeds. Actually, a Black Siamese cat breed doesn’t exist. Cat experts consider Seal Point Siamese cats as Black ones, and there are some disagreements in this statement…

Seal Point Siamese – Black or Not?

Seal Point Siamese - Black or Not?

Cal lovers may argue that a Seal Point Siamese feline isn’t completely black to be called a Black cat.

Seal Point Siamese cats are really black cats. But when you look at them, you can’t call them entirely black felines as you are normally used to thinking. All because of Siamese cat genetics!

The Himalayan Gene doesn’t let Seal Point Siamese cats have a completely black coat. But if Seal Point Siamese cats don’t have this specific gene, their fur will be totally black.

What’s the Closest Breed to a Black Siamese?

You may be disappointed to know that there isn’t such a breed as a Black Siamese cat. But you can always find alternative options if you really want to have a cat with a classic black coat and a Siamese temperament. There are cats that look like Siamese cats but have solid black fur.

The closest breed to a Black Siamese feline is the Oriental breed. The genetic system of the Oriental and Siamese cat breeds are quite similar. However, the Oriental cat doesn’t have the Himalayan Gene, and that’s why they can look like a normal black cat.
The only difference between these breeds you can notice is their eye color. You know that the awesome blue eyes of Siamese cats make them the most magical creatures in the world. The Oriental black cat usually features hypnotizing green eyes.

Well, a black Oriental shorthair cat looks like a Seal Point Siamese cat (except the eye color and completely black fur), and they also have an identical temperament.

Breeds of Cat with Pointed Coats

Breed of Cat with Pointed Coats

There are a lot of cat breeds with pointed coats. For example, Birman, Ragdoll, British Shorthair, Himalayan, Si-Rex, Cornish Rex, Tonkinese, Sphynx. These cat breeds are extremely popular on the globe and are always in demand.

Black Mixed Breed Siamese Cat

When it comes to a mixed black Siamese cat, the only thing to say is you may try! If you mate a black cat of any breed and a Seal Point Siamese, there’s a low chance that a kitten inherits the gene for having black fur and will feature a totally black coat.

You may also try to mate a Seal Point Siamese and a black Oriental cat. In this case, you’ll have a greater chance to get a black Siamese kitten.

Frequently asked questions

Editor’s Note

Is it possible to have an all-black Siamese cat?

Siamese cats usually have a pointed coat, therefore, they cannot be fully black.

Can Siamese cats be all black?

No, Siamese cats can’t be all black. They can be just partially black.

What are black Siamese cats called?

All black Siamese cats are usually called Oriental cats. The black Oriental cat can feature a perfect black fur color due to the lack of the Himalayan Gene.

How much are Black Siamese cats?

The Seal Point Siamese black cat price can vary from $1200 to $2500. It will depend on how reputable the breeder is. When it comes to the Oriental Black Siamese cat price, it ranges between $600 and $3000.

How can I tell if my black cat is Siamese?

There are some features that can help you identify what breed your black cat is:

  • body structure;
  • behavior pattern;
  • size of the body;
  • shapes of ears and head;
  • length of fur;
  • coat color and markings;
  • vocality level.

Are Black Siamese cats rare?

Are Black Siamese cats rare?

If you mean Seal Point Siamese cats that are considered Black Siamese ones, they aren’t rare. Instead, they are the most popular and most common type of Siamese cats in the world.

But such cats don’t have a solid black coat as you’ve already realized. If you want to bring a black-coated cat with a Siamese cat temperament, focus on the Oriental breed.

Are there Siamese cats without the Himalayan Gene?

The key characteristic that defines the Siamese cat breed is the Himalayan Gene. Exactly it makes this cat breed so special and unique. This means that if a Siamese cat doesn’t have the Himalayan Gene, it isn’t the Siamese cat!

Can Siamese cats be black and white?

Certainly, Siamese cats can have a coat of black and white colors. Such cats aren’t common but can occur.

Can Siamese cats change color?

Siamese cats can change their fur color because of the heat sensitivity of the Himalayan Gene. If their body temperature drops or increases, the Siamese cat’s coat will be changed.

When the Siamese body temperature goes down, their fur coloring becomes darker, and their points as well. When the temperature rises, the coat and points become lighter.

When do Siamese cats stop changing color?

The Siamese cat is one of the most interesting creatures in the world that can change its coat coloration during its life.
When do Siamese kittens get their color? Every Siamese kitten is born having white or beige fur. After the first month, the specific Siamese points start to appear.

The felines of the Siamese breeds commonly stop modifying their fur colors after the first year of life. But the changes can happen if their skin temperature changes (according to the Himalayan Gene peculiarity).
So the main reasons why the Siamese cat’s coat can change its color are seasons, genetic factors, diet changes, and illnesses.

Can Siamese cats have stripes?

Purebred Siamese cats never have spots or stripes. However, as all cats carry the Agouti gene, they occasionally develop ghost tabby markings as kittens. Although this gene is not dominant in Siamese cats, they can nevertheless possess light-colored stripes until they outgrow them.

Are all black cats part Siamese?

Although some black cats may have Siamese ancestry, not all of them have Siamese genes. Genetic testing is the only way to determine whether your cat is partially Siamese or not.


As sad as it is, a Siamese cat with an entire black coat doesn’t exist as well as a black Siamese cat breed. Seal Point Siamese cats are considered black Siamese felines even though visually they don’t look like traditional black cats. Because of their specific genetics – the Himalayan Gene, the Siamese cats can’t be of solid black color.