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by Linda Mathews Last Updated August 29, 2023

Amazing pointy cats that love meowing will leave no one indifferent! Deep blue eyes, creamy bodies, dark-marked paws, and silky velvety fur distinguish elegant Siamese cats from other fur balls.

Siamese cats are famous not only for their distinctive and fancy appearance but also for their curious and affectionate personality. Despite being highly inquisitive and noisy felines by nature, they are known as intelligent and loving creatures who build strong bonds with their owners and require permanent attention.

The main and most attractive feature of this cat breed is Siamese color points. This kind of coloration makes Siamese cats so popular around the world. Even though most cat experts and associations single out four key Siamese types of coloration, it has naturalized more than 30 Siamese cat coat colors.

Let’s take a closer look at Siamese cat coloring and Siamese cat varieties.

How Do Siamese Cats Get Their Color?

How Do Siamese Cats Get Their Color?
The Siamese cat is a uniquely beautiful creature with a specific appearance that can make its master’s life more exciting and thrilling. But what causes Siamese cat coloration?

This is a matter that is of concern to many cat fans. Actually, it isn’t a difficult question to answer because the Siamese cat markings that are so distinct and at the same time appealing can appear due to the phenomenon called the “Himalayan gene”.

The pointed purebred Siamese markings are considered as a particular type of albinism that occurs because of an enzyme that emits melanin (which is responsible for a cat’s coat color.

The key characteristic of this enzyme is that it doesn’t work at normal body temperature so it doesn’t produce melanin and that’s why the felines of the Siamese cat breeds have white or creamy fur.

But we couldn’t say the same about the extremities of the Siamese breeds. The ear tips, face, paws, and tail of the Siamese cats are usually darker than the rest of their body because they are cooler and, thus, feature darker fur.

Due to this peculiarity related to the temperature, the Siamese cats that live in warmer climate zones commonly have lighter cat colors and patterns of their points. Respectively, the pictures of Siamese cats that live in colder climates prove that these felines are characterized by darkened body fur and points.

Besides, each Siamese kitty is born with white or beige coat color. After the first month of life, the specific Siamese points start to occur.

What Does a Siamese Cat Look Like?

The look of different Siamese cat varieties varies. An inexperienced eye may be unable to distinguish between these types of Siamese cats. We will describe them below.

Traditional Siamese

These cats have arrived straight from Thailand, or they are the offspring of traditional Siamese cats. These animals have huge bones and round heads.

Classic Siamese

The second type to originate directly from Thailand is the classic Siamese cat, which has a somewhat distinct look. Cats have longer bodies and less rounded heads.

Modern Siamese

The contemporary Siamese’s parents are one of each: a traditional and a classic Siamese. When these Siamese felines are mated, their offspring will have a slim appearance.

Editor’s Note

What is the rarest Siamese cat color?

The Foreign White Balinese is the most exotic Siamese cat.

Standard Siamese Cat Colors

According to the official Breed Standard for the Siamese cat, there are four key cat coloring types in the Siamese color chart: Seal Point, Chocolate Point, Blue Point, and Lilac Point.

Seal Point

Seal Point

A Seal Point Siamese cat has a rich, dark chocolate color of its points that seem virtually black. The body of the Seal Point cat is usually creamy while its nose leather and paws are traditionally deep brown.

Chocolate Point

Chocolate Point

The Chocolate Point Siamese cats are known for their subtle ivory body color and latte-colored points. The points of the Chocolate colored cats often seem a bit pinkish.

Blue Point

Blue Point

The snow-white body color of the Blue Point Siamese felines attracts cat lovers from all over the world. Their blue points with silver gray shades make these fur balls look aristocratic and luxurious.

Lilac Point

Lilac Point

The Lilac Siamese is considered a standard point color. The Lilac Point Siamese cats feature the pale white body color and gray color of their points with pink hues.

Siamese Cat Colors: Color Short Points

Red Point

Being a cat hybrid of Red Tabbies of various breeds and Siamese cats, a Red or Orange Siamese cat is characterized by unique reddish (or orange) points on its extremities, face, and ears. The nose leather and paw pads of the Red Point Siamese fur balls can be pinkish.

Cinnamon Points

The cinnamon cat color of the Siamese cats tends to be warm and a bit dusty. It features a feline’s face, ears, legs, and tail. The body color of the Cinnamon Point Siamese is ivory-white. But there is one important thing: the legs of the Cinnamon Point Siamese cat may be slightly lighter than the other points. That’s quite normal.

Lynx Point

As a mix of the Seal Point Siamese and Domestic Tabby feline, the Lynx Point boasts a great variety of coat colors.

Cream Point

The Cream Point Cats that belong to the Siamese breeds look like the most delicate furry creatures in the world. The Siamese cat face with cool creamy points impresses with a strong contrast compared to the rest of the body that is characterized by a snowy-white color.

Caramel Point

Caramel is the tastiest sweet! Thus, the Caramel Point Siamese is the sweetest one among the Siamese cat types by color. The points of this cat type can be identified as gray-brown. The nose leather and paw pads may be of warm grey or pinkish hues.

Apricot Points

The warm creamy white shades are typical for the points of the Apricot Siamese felines. They also may have some metallic hues that make this cat type more extravagant and mystic. The Points of an apricot color can get darker as the Siamese cat grows up and that’s pretty normal.

Fawn Points

The Fawn Point Siamese feline’s body is commonly of creamy color and it also has delicate grey points. Its points aren’t as rich as we see in Seal or Chocolate Siamese cats. The nose leather and paw pads of the Fawn Point Siamese can be from light pink to deep grey.

Editor’s Note

What is the most common color of Siamese cats?

Seal point Siamese is what comes to mind when you think about Siamese cats. Their tips are dark brown and almost black.

Siamese Cat Colors: Tabby Points

Siamese Cat Colors: Tabby Points

Tabby Point

A lot of Siamese cat experts are still debating if Tabby Points should be taken into account the Siamese felines or not, but our Siamese cat color chart includes and describes the Siamese Tabby Point type also known as Shadow Point.

When it comes to a mixed Siamese cat with Tabby Points, it means that such a cute feline has a remarkable tabby “M” marking on its forehead and the darken extremities and face mask of a Siamese kitty.

Fawn Tabby Point

The Tabby Fawn Colored Siamese has the “M” marking on its grey face mask. It can be easily recognized because the soft grey points of this color type aren’t very dark and, thus, a unique tabby sign is quite visible.

Blue Tabby Point

A relatable “M” sign of the Tabby cat breed can be easily seen on the forehead of the Blue Pointed Siamese felines because their points have cool and gray blue shades but they are never too dark to see a tabby marking.

Seal Tabby Point

A Seal Tabby Siamese cat is a creature of traditional Seal Point coloration. But if it is Tabby, it means that the forehead of this Siamese is featured with a common “M” marking. However, sometimes Seal Points are so dark that the Tabby sign can’t be seen.

Lilac Tabby Point

A Lilac Tabby Point Siamese can be easily identified by its grey-pinkish points that are so light that the Tabby “M” sign isn’t difficult to see.

Chocolate Tabby Point

The Chocolate Point and Tabby Siamese mix stands out that the points of the fur ball are latte-colored and on the forehead of the Siamese is shown off the “M” marking. But the Tabby sign may not be visible if the chocolate points are too dark.

Red Tabby Point

The Coat Points of the Red Tabby Siamese should have clear vivid reddish-gold shades. The nose leather and paw pads are all pinkish. The body color of these cats is white and on the forehead, it must be placed a Tabby “M” sign.

Cinnamon Tabby Point

The Cinnamon Tabby Point Siamese furries are marked with distinct warm cinnamon points. The nose leather can be cinnamon brown with pinkish hues. The paw pads feature cinnamon brown or pink colors. The rest of the Siamese cat body is typically ivory-white.

Cream Tabby Point

This type of Siamese cat must be of cool cream Tabby markings and white body fur color that can get pale cream on the back and sides.

Caramel Tabby Point

The points, in this case, should be distinct dark brownish or brownish grey shades. The nose leather and paw pads may be pinkish with grey hues. The body color is snowy-white and the Tabby “M” marking should be well-visible in any case.

Apricot Tabby Point

The Apricot Points are of a hot cream color. The Siamese cat coat gets gently metallic shades when the feline becomes older. The body fur boasts a light creamy shade and the “M” sign can be easily noticed on the cat’s forehead.

Tortie Points

Tortie Points

Tortie Points

The charming Tortie Points can vary in a blend of hues. The Tortie Point Siamese mix is the result of blending the Siamese felines with Tortoiseshell felines of various breeds.

As a brilliant result, we can see the Tortie Points of red, cream, and apricot colors in the face, ears, and extremities of the Siamese cats. The body of Tortie Point Siamese cats is usually based on reddish or blackish shades.

Cinnamon Tortie Points

The Cinnamon Tortie Points may be blotched with cinnamon brown, black or rich orange (a bit reddish) shades. The body color of the Cinnamon Tortie Point Siamese felines is commonly ivory-white.

Fawn Tortie Points

The body color of these Siamese fur balls should be white while their Fawn Tortie Points can contain shades of warm rosy color.

Caramel Tortie Points

The Siamese cats with Caramel Tortie Points should have hues of white with dark blue (a bit brownish) colored points. The feline’s body can also include some shades of apricot.
Tortie Tabby Point Siamese Cat Colors

Seal Tortie Tabby Point

This is the Seal Tortie Siamese Calico mix that features the points of seal brown or black shades. Moreover, they can be patched with hues of red. There also can be mottled ears. The leather of the nose and paw pads is commonly brown or pink. The color of the whole body should be soft cream that can get pale warm fawn hues on the back.

Chocolate Tortie Tabby Point

The points of a chocolate color are typical for the Chocolate Tortie Tabby Siamese felines. However, their points can be a bit coppery in tone and mottled with reddish hues from time to time. The ears can be also spotted. The nose leather and paw pads should be either chocolate or pinkish. The body is ivory-white.

Blue Tortie Tabby Point

The light blue shades of the points can be a clear sign that you’ve brought the Blue Tortie Tabby Point Siamese kitty. The points may also include the hues of a cream color and the ears of such a subtle creature can also be mottled. Blue or pink paw pads and nose leather are common for this Siamese cat type. The body color should be clear white but it may deepen to cool blue on the back with age.

Cinnamon Tortie Tabby Point

The soft cinnamon brown shades of the points, sometimes the hues of red and mottled ears identify the Cinnamon Tortie Tabby Point Siamese cat. The nose leather and paw pads of this Siamese coat color type can be cinnamon brown or pink. Besides, these Siamese felines have an ivory-colored body.

Fawn Tortie Tabby Point

The pale rosy color of the points mingled with hues of cream is the main characteristic of the Fawn Tortie Tabby Pointed Siamese feline. The spotted ears and the pinkish fawn color paw pads and nose leather are usual for such a lovely cat.

Lilac Tortie Tabby Point

When you see pinkish-grey points, you should know that in front of you there is the Lilac Tortie Tabby Point cutie. It can also feature creamy hues in its points and its ears can be spotted. The pink or faded lilac nose leather and paw pads are usual characteristics for such Siamese cats. Its body should be snow-white.

Caramel Tortie Tabby Point

If you look at the Caramel Tortie Tabby Point Siamese kitties, you can see their dark blue with brownish shades or dark grey points with shades of an apricot color. The mottled ears are typical for these cats. The pink or light grey nose leather and paw pads feature this cat coat color type.

Foreign White

Is there a pure white Siamese? The Foreign White Siamese feline, also known as Ivory Point Siamese, is famous for its deep blue eyes and lack of visual points or markings. These Siamese cats appeared as the result of special breeding stock in the 1960s and they are still extremely popular among Siamese cat fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Siamese cats change color?

Why do Siamese cats get darker? Siamese cats can change their color if their body temperature drops or increases. When the Siamese body temperature drops, their fur becomes darker as well as their points. When the temperature increases, their coats and points become lighter.

Do Siamese cats get darker as they age?

What do Siamese cats look like as they age? Actually, the fur color and points of Siamese cats are highly dependent on their body temperature. So not surprisingly, as these cats mature the temperature of the body lowers and they tend to darken.

When do Siamese kittens get their color?

Kittens are all born white. Siamese kittens develop their color after birth.

Can a Siamese cat be black?

Concerning genetics, Seal Point Siamese cats are considered black. Visually, they don’t look like the classic black cats due to the presence of the “Himalayan gene” that prevents them from producing much black color in their fur. It is a great way to make a Seal Point Siamese cat darker. If its body temperature drops, it becomes a dark Siamese cat.

What are Siamese cat breeds?

The following breeds are descended from Siamese cats:

  • The Balinese mix
  • The Oriental mix
  • The Havana Brown mix


The Siamese cats are awesome cuties with a great variety of coat colors and types. If you’re planning to bring the Siamese cat home, check out all the Siamese cat coat color types and select the most appealing one to brighten up your life.