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by Linda Mathews Last Updated August 4, 2023

Cat lovers can divide into different armies in the context of feline coloration. The most common coat pattern is still one dominant color on the coat with some other markings (lighter or darker fur on the paws, face, tail, etc.). Nevertheless, there is a group of feline owners that is crazy about one of the wildest colorations. This is a tabby coat pattern.

This is a beautiful brown cat with stripes over the whole body (this is the most common tabby pattern). Additionally, there are felines with the spotted tabby pattern or other color variations. But the most important feature is the advanced camouflage background of these cats.

Both dark and light brown kittens are almost invisible in the high green grass! Even an orange tabby cat can hide well anywhere due to its camouflage fur. Additionally, it is worth noting that there are many famous breeds where felines with these wild-friendly coat patterns (striped, ticked, etc.) take place. Among them are:

  • Devon Rex felines (usually, a ticked pattern);
  • Exotic and British Shorthairs (a rare black tabby cat of this breed is possible);
  • Maine Coons (with warm brown coats and brown torbie color variations);
  • Siberians (agouti tabby patterns can take place);
  • Norwegian Forest fluffy buddies (some orange tabbies and brown-grey tabby felines);
  • Persians (there are blotched tabby felines together with the classic tabby pattern).

This is not the whole list of the orange, black, and brown tabby cat breeds. Together with the above-mentioned ones, Scottish Folds, Munchkins, and Bengals are friendly to dark and light brown tabbies. A cat with stripes is a normal thing for such breeds like Oriental Shorthairs too. Besides, a ticked tabby pattern can take place here as well.

What Is Special About Brown Tabby Cats?

Fascinating Facts About Brown Tabby Cats

A brown tiger cat or a feline with a wild/camouflage coat coloration is about felines with tabby markings. There are too many interesting things to mention about these bewhiskered buddies. For example, tabby cat breeds are usually very affectionate but extremely independent pets.

Fascinating Facts About Brown Tabby CatsAt the same time, a brown tabby pattern is often associated with domestic cats only. But this is nothing of this kind. A classic tabby coat pattern together with rare variations of the tabby-friendly fur colorations are a common story when it comes to Maine Coon cats, African Wildcat felines, British Shorthair buddies, brown American Shorthair kitties, etc.

Let’s take a closer look at the 10 most fascinating facts about a brown-striped cat with a so-called tabby patterning.

Fact 1: Tabby Isn’t A Separate Breed

Fact 1: Tabby Isn’t A Separate Breed

Many people are totally surprised by the fact that tabby cats are not a specific breed. Indeed, this is a camouflage pattern of the feline coat. The gamut of brown and orange, the bend of black or dark grey with lighter markings (like marbled tabby or a ticked tabby marking) are possible.

That is why classic tabbies appear in such popular cat breeds as Bengals, Maine Coons, Siberians, Munchkins, Scottish Folds, British & Exotic Shorthairs, etc. Also, a tabby pattern comes in different crossbreeds. For example, any mixed breed is friendly to the tabby gene – a wild cat coloration pattern.

Fact 2: Tabbies Are Most Likely The First Tamed Cats By People

Fact 2: Tabbies Are Most Likely The First Tamed Cats By People

You have already heard that brown tabby cats are the most common pattern (or at least slightly modified classic tabby one). So, it prevails over other feline coat colorations.

That is why most experts consider tabbies to be the first tamed felines by people! Only imagine that tortoiseshell cats of any breed together with buddies with tabby or agouti hairs due to their camouflage fur are the pioneer pets of the world!

This is far from surprising that any brown kitten and a kitty with solid or broken stripes on its body is the descendant of the wildcat ancestor. It means that most indoor cats with tabby coat patterns have a solid ancestry background of the first tamed felines in the world.

Fact 3: Wildlife Vibes in Tabby Cat Patterns

Fact 3: Wildlife Vibes in Tabby Cat Patterns

These feline patterns are extremely disguised in nature. The savage coat resembles their ancestors, providing an opportunity to be invisible in the wild. The rarest and the most striking ancestors of brown tabbies are the Bengals (this breed was initially bred from the Asian Prionailurus bengalensis, a so-called leopard cat).

Additionally, such kinds as ocelots, margays, the Tsushima, and Amur leopard cat are dead ringers of Felis catus. They are even equivalent in size to our domestic striped pet friends with the tabby gene!

Extraordinary Toy Tiger (or Toyger) is also tabbies while to be seemed wild. This breed was selected by Indian women in the 1980s by crossing Bengals with other cats (for example, other popular breeds like Norwegian Forest or Devon Rex breeds). The selector’s aim was to upper the level of cats with the agouti gene in usual habitats.

Fact 4: Tabby Have Four Different Pattern Variations

Fact 4: Tabby Have Four Different Pattern Variations

The most recognized tabby pattern, which is also called “classic tabby” or “original” is the mackerel tabby pattern. Others (less shared but common) are ticked tabby, blotched, patched tabby, and striped. These tabby markings come in various colors and types of stripes.

Sometimes, it can be mixed by the magic of genetics. For example, a Maine Coon with tabby patterns can obtain unusual fur for sure. It can be patched or represent well-visible stripes over the coat. In purebred cats, e.g. brown tabby Persian or British Shorthair, a tabby pattern is also a common thing.

Fact 5: Brown Tabbies Win Accolades

Fact 5: Brown Tabbies Win Accolades

According to judges concur of the International Cat Association (commonly TICA) in 2018, in the top of 25 felines three of them could boast a brown tabby coat pattern. Almost each dark brown cat (of the tabby breed) was a prize-winner in such competitions.

Interestingly, in The Top Number Of Longhair Cats, brown tabbies catch titles as lions. The Best Longhair Cat of the Year, according to TICA, went to the awesome Maine Coon with a striped coat named Marikoons Magic Mike. In return, the best Household Kitten of the Year became mixed-breed Rambo with exclusive tabby markings.

Fact 6: Tabbies Are Named After Arabic Silk

Fact 6: Tabbies Are Named After Arabic Silk

Tabbies’ striped and silky coats resemble expensive silk. Many cat lovers compare their fur with the luxury Arabic silk fabric. Originally, the “tabby” term comes from the French phrase “striped silk taffeta”. This is a well-known premium woven material.

It also relates to the Arabic term “attabia” (district, which is famous for silk clothes). Additionally, French “atabis” was used to specify this material, later it was modified to “tabis” and after “tabby”.

Fact 7: There Is A Dozen Of Myths Around “M” Mark On Tabbies

Fact 7: There Is A Dozen Of Myths Around “M” Mark On Tabbies

Irrespective of the tabby’s color, a cat has an “M” mark on its forehead. Have you already heard some myths and stories about this uniqueness? The tabby’s forehead is a matter of some mysterious stories.

All those myths are coming from religious motives. Some people say that it stems from the famous Muslim prophet Mohammed. It means that any brown tabby kitten obtains a blessing spot in the form of the “M” sign on its face.

Orthodoxes and Catholics think that it’s the same mark of Mother Mary who blessed the feline for keeping her holy son warm. Nevertheless, a logical and real explanation of this mark is genetics.

Fact 8: Celebrities Among Tabbies

Fact 8: Celebrities Among Tabbies

The most famous brown tabby cat on Earth is Lil BUB! A well-known bewhiskered celebrity is loved by thousands of people in the world. Lil BUB is a runt of wild kitties and was rescued out from a shed in Indiana!

A cute celebrity is one of the most renowned tabby cats you can see on social networks. Soon, after becoming a family member, Lil BUB got glory and fame on YouTube. This tabby cat was showing the importance of adopting pets with special needs. This brown fluffy cat also raised a decent sum of money. All the funds were given to charity by the caring parents of this social media star.

Moreover, Lil BUB was the main character in her film called “I’ll Be Next Door For Christmas!”. We recommend watching this awesome movie with the bewhiskered tabby star.

Fact 9: Tabbies Are Super-Duper Affectionate

Fact 9: Tabbies Are Super-Duper Affectionate

All breeders and owners of cute brown cats with stripes, ticks, and patches state that their pet companions are extremely friendly. It’s a sophisticated combo of saucy and wild appearance.

Only imagine this happy blend of the camouflage striped or spotted tabby coat together with a flavor of exceptional brown tabby cat personality and an exceptionally lovely soul! Formally, it’s not mentioned, but each orange tabby, brindle, or chocolate tabby cat is particularly loving!

Fact 10: Tabby Cat Temperament

Fact 10: Tabby Cat Temperament

Tabbies enchant and adore everybody with their exotic look and behavior. The brown tabby cat’s personality is something unreal for caring owners. Hence, from the two facts above, there is no matter if it is high-end or crossbreed.

Domestic cats with tabby markings are very thankful for their parents’ care and are extremely kind to children. These pet companions make friends with other animals in the house. Your bewhiskered friend is about 100% happiness in your life.

It does not matter if this is a classic tabby feline, a grey tabby cat, or a pet with rare tabby markings on the cat’s body. This bewhiskered buddy will steal the hearts of others! And possibly, your tabby cat may become international fame as Lil BUB!


Editor’s Note

What is the origin of the brown tabby cat?

The mackerel pattern, that is the original coat pattern of the African wildcat, is regarded to be the origin of the wide variety of Tabby patterns that exist today.

​​What Breed Is a Brown Tabby Cat?

Everyone has seen tabby cats in their lives. These are the most popular and most common four-legged pets on Earth. Tabby cats are animals that have spots, stripes, and other striped markings on their fur. Tabby is not a separate-standing feline breed.

This is about some specific coloration of the fur. Tabby patterns are found in many breeds (Domestic Shorthair, Devon Rex, Abyssinian cats, Persians, Bengals, Maine Coon felines, etc.) and mestizos – the so-called “mongrel or mackerel tabby“.

Are Brown Tabby Cats Good?

Bringing tabby cats to your home shows that you are a great cat lover. These felines attract attention with their grace and playfulness. The brown tabby cat is a really unique pet companion. This bewhiskered buddy is not only reminiscent of ancient ancestors.

Tabby cats are not only associated with wild representatives to a greater extent but also have a strong health portfolio. Tabbies can be bossy and seem independent animals. But in general, tabby cats’ affection is exceptional.

Are Brown Tabby Cats Affectionate? Are Brown Tabby Cats Friendly?

Tabbies are quite friendly and affectionate animals. They fit easily into large families with many children and other pets. Usually, tabby cats have a well-mannered, truly royal character. From an early age, kittens love tidiness.

Usually, tabby cats decide for themselves when and how many can be caressed. These are very proud bewhiskered buddies who rarely seek help from their breadwinner. Just try to make friends and care much to conquer their tiny and loving hearts.

How Much Are Brown Tabby Cats?

The best place to buy a purebred kitten of the tabby pattern is a kennel. Find the seller officially registered with the WCE and RUI. Tabby markings are considered rare, so be prepared for the fact that the price of striped fur will be an order of magnitude higher than the cost of his brothers with the classic coloring.

This is a rare feline coloration, so it’s difficult to purchase tabbies of the premium breeds even in specialized nurseries. Therefore, buying a brown tabby out of hand is a big risk to make a purchase that did not live up to your expectations.

The average cost of a brown kitten with tabby-friendly markings is about $ 1,000. The cost can vary according to the rarity of the breed you are searching for and other requirements for the kitty.

Final Word

A tabby cat is a symbol of luck and exceptional affection. You will never feel alone with the feline of this coloration. Interesting markings make the look of your pet really unique. You can be proud not only of the appearance of this bewhiskered buddy but of its behavior and character.