Black Cat Names

Louie (Lou)

If you are about to adopt a cool black kitty, it’s exactly the time to get to know something about this kind of pets! An all black cat is considered to be really magical! It’s not even a joke! People are used to thinking that the fat cat of black color brings good luck and saves an owner from bad things. So hurry up to adopt a kitten with such a unique ability! Some ideas of black cat names have already been collected here for your future black pet.

Cute Female Black Cat Names

The list of cute female names for black cats usually includes names that mean black as well as words in foreign languages meaning something dark. Adreana as the name of Latin origin always attracts the attention of black cat owners. If you’re interested in using this idea for naming a pet, you’ll definitely find something special!

Another way to come up with some interesting black cat name is to use things that are black or dark. There are so many things, related to shadow and darkness, so there’s no way you will leave your fluffy cat without an appropriate name!

It’s a good idea to use associations with the wild word, too. Why not to turn your cat into a panther?

Best Male Names for Black Cats

There is also a popular belief that black cats are the creation of darkness. People used to think that only a witch could have a black kitten. Although those dark times have passed and that belief doesn’t scare people anymore, the tradition to use spooky Halloween attributes when naming your “gothic” friend is still alive.

Fictional characters will always be in a great demand among those who are searching for interesting pet names. When it comes to black cat names, “Felix the Cat” along with “Sylvester the cat” are considered to be the most inspiring cartoon black cat characters. Movies with black cats as the main characters will not leave you without an appropriate black cat name!

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