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by Linda Mathews Last Updated August 15, 2023

Your cat is a wonderful and unique creature that gives you immense love but at the same time it needs your attention and care. When you get a small kitten or an adult cat into your home, first of all, you should find your four-legged furry friend such a punny name that will suit it and its outstanding personality.

We’ll help you with that. Below you can see a great list of cat names that are puns. Our collection of the best cat pun names can help you choose the right nickname for your feline.

So check it out thoroughly, and you’ll definitely find the most interesting punny name for your four-legged favorite.

Best Punny Cat Names

Best Punny Cat Names

Today most cat owners find such boring and trivial names as Tiger, Max, Bella that were so popular several years ago. They are looking for more extravagant and unusual cat names and perhaps you’re not an exception!

Well, it’s time to view our amazing collection of the best funny cat puns that can surprise and inspire you. First of all, pay attention that we’ve divided our collection into three gender-based large groups to make it easier for you to find the most appropriate name from our list of puns.

Female Pun Names

If you’re the owner of female feline beauty, focus on the punny names for girl cats and kittens presented below. Decide what pun combination fits your furry star most of all.

  • Abitail – the great pun name for the kitty with a pretty striped tail.
  • Paw-lite – perfect for a tender light feline.
  • Catniss – nice option for the owner who wants to stress how graceful the cat is.
  • Clawful – the cool punny name to underline the beauty of the kitty.
  • Hiss-terical – if your cat is very loud, that is the right name for her.
  • Catmare – a great name for a naughty cat.
  • Catie – a perfect name for a delicate kitty.
  • Jessicat
  • Bubbles
  • Fitz
  • Catitude
  • Jennipurr
  • Jennifurr
  • Hypurr
  • Purr-ceptive
  • Meow-low
  • Taffy

Male Wacky Pun Names

Searching for the most stunning punny names for male cats? Take a look at the best male cat name collection below and choose the right name to show the bright character of your cat.

  • Bossy Paw – cool for a bossy brave cat.
  • Jude Paw – if your four-legged friend likes to be in the center of attention like an actor, this option will be great.
  • Mr. Bean – your cat is strange, funny and cute, well, this name will suit your favorite well.
  • Picatso – great for a creative and extraordinary feline.
  • Lord Pawpaw – this is the right name for a noble and intelligent cat.
  • Catrick – perfect for an intelligent feline.
  • Mewo-Wise – this name suits calm and intelligent cats.
  • Paw Newman
  • Purrcy
  • Dottie
  • Meowses
  • Cat Damon
  • Tig Tiggler
  • Tom Pawyer
  • The Great Catsby

Unisex Pun Names

Here is the list of cat puns that can suit both male and female cats. More than 20 punny awesome cat names that can astonish not only your feline but also your family, friends, and even vets.

  • Cat-titude – for a very gentle and tender cat.
  • Catzilla – if your pet is large and strong, this name is right for it.
  • iCat – the name for a cat that prefers to watch TV with its owner.
  • Just Kittin – for a small and gentle cat.
  • Miraclaw – if you appreciate your kitty so much, and it is a real gem in your family, this name can be suitable for it.
  • Furby – if your cat likes playing fetch, choose this name.
  • Lickers – for a feline who adores sweets.
  • Megabyte
  • Ewok
  • Paw-sionate
  • Purrson
  • Purrfect
  • Octopuss
  • Terabyte
  • Santa Claws
  • Winky

Famous Cat Pun Names Inspired by Celebrities

Cat Pun Names Inspired by Celebrities

Celebrities! These outstanding people can inspire not only us but also our four-legged friends. The roster of the most impressive celebrity cat pun names will let you figure out the best name for your cutie.

  • Brad Kitt – if your favorite is handsome like Brad Pitt, this punny name will be appropriate for it.
  • Kitty Purry – the great choice for a distinguished bright kitty.
  • Catalie Portman – the brilliant option for cats with long dark fur.
  • Cat Benetar – for cats with a really loud voice.
  • Cindy Clawford – if your cat walks like a real model, this will be a perfect name for it.
  • Cat Moss – for a feline who is full of grace.
  • Catty B – great for a vocal and active feline.
  • Meowly Cyrus – does your cat like flowers and is it independent? This is a perfect name.
  • Catsy Cline
  • Cat Stevens
  • Catris
  • Dolly Purrton
  • Kitty Poppins
  • Kitten Rock
  • Cat Middleton

Cat Pun Names Inspired by Food and Drinks

Cat Pun Names Inspired by Food and Drinks

The great thing about this category of cat pun names is that they are also considered as unisex ones that work for all breeds, sexes and ages. All of these options are punny, fun and unique. Just look at them and find the right one for your feline.

  • Eclair – for a cat with black spots on the body.
  • Cattage – great for a kitty with white fur.
  • Dijon – the perfect name for a cat with a spicy character.
  • Frycat – for a cat that likes to eat more or for a fatty kitty.
  • Oreo – nice for a black and white cat.
  • Reuben – means “leadership” and “courage”.
  • Gimlet – this name would be perfect for an indecisive kitten.
  • California Roll – perfect for a ginger cat with white spots.
  • Floyd
  • Kona
  • Kolsh
  • Merlot
  • Lungo
  • Taquito
  • T-Bone
  • Twix
  • Purrine
  • Vesper
  • Wedge

Historical Pun Names

Historical Pun Names

Giving a historical pun name for your lovable feline guarantees that it will entertain you and amaze your friends and guests. View the list of the funniest names for cats with historical and pun backgrounds and find your inspiration.

  • Cleocatra – for an extremely beautiful kittie.
  • Dalai Pawma – the cool name for a wise and calm pet.
  • Don Kitty-ote – if your favorite is brave and strong, this name will be right for it.
  • Mewssolini – for a rebellion and unruly cat.
  • Hairy Houdini – great for an artistic and extravagant cat with bright fur.
  • Hisston Churchill
  • Fidel Catstro
  • Marie Purrie
  • Martin Luther Kitten
  • Pawdius
  • Purr-amid
  • Sir Isaac Mewton
  • Shakespurr
  • Purrson

Ancient Egypt

  • Cleocatra
  • Furr-oah
  • Purr-amid
  • Meowses

Greek Cat Names

  • Catticus
  • Oedipuss
  • Hefurstus
  • Purrseidon
  • Apawllo

Historical Figure and Leader Cat Names

  • Isaac Mewton
  • George Meowshington
  • Benjameow Franklin
  • Winston Purrchill
  • Fidel Catstro
  • Joseph Pawlin
  • Barack Obameow

Editor’s Note

What are the unique rare cat names?

Here are some ideas for your inspiration.

  • Comical Outlandish Cat Names
  • Drusilla in the Villa
  • Florence Pales of Poo
  • Veronica Valdaires
  • Wiska Fliska Francine
  • Twinkletoes
  • Captain Pickle Teats
  • Pink-nose Pistol
  • Inspector Catget Galore
  • Nostradamus Thomas
  • Piccolo Pete
  • Dollar Store Dan
  • Catnip Tipton
  • Frosty Tot Tim
  • Zip the Whip
  • Tone Deaf Tony

Regular Joe Cat Names

  • Purrcilla—Priscilla
  • Furrleshia—Felicia
  • Jessicat—Jessica
  • Padison—Madison
  • Pawla—Paula
  • Pawl—Paul
  • Purrcy—Percy
  • Catticus—Atticus
  • Clawby—Colby
  • Kitteon—Gideon
  • Catthew—Matthew
  • Rupuss—Rufus

Breed-Specific Punny Banter

  • Maine Swoon
  • Sphinxy Stardust
  • Siameows
  • Orient-Expressive
  • Purr-sian
  • Scottish Furr-old
  • Turkish Van Gogh

Friends, Romans, Countrymen: Roman Cat Names

  • Catligula
  • Mewlius Caesar
  • Caturn
  • Mewpiter
  • Meownerva
  • Pawdius
  • Furcules

Funny Cat Pun Names Based on Fictional Characters

  • Bob Scratchit
  • Catman
  • Catnip Everdeen
  • Catticus Finch
  • Count Catula
  • Ferris Mewller
  • Furrest Gump
  • Fuzz Lightyear
  • Meowi Pawppins
  • Pawpeye
  • Purrfessor X
  • Santa Claws

Cat Pun Names from Movies

There are so many great movies and memorable characters. So no wonder that there are so many funny screen names for cats based on popular movies. Here we’ve collected the most fabulous options based on two great movies.

Star Trek and Star Wars Cat Names

Cat Pun Names from Movies

Star Wars is an iconic movie that can leave even cats indifferent. Look at the most interesting pun cat names created on Star Wars background.

  • Admiral Catbar – for a bossy and dominant cat.
  • Captain Purrcard – if your favorite is featured with strength, this name will fit it.
  • Chew-Paw-Cca – for the cat with long fur.
  • Luke Skywalpurr – the best name if you want to make your kitty popular among your friends.
  • R2-Mewtoo – if your cat is very obedient and does everything you say, this will be the appropriate name for it.
  • Mewhura
  • Mewbacca
  • Meows O’Brien
  • Mew-Mew-Eight
  • Jabba the Cat
  • Coruscat
  • Revenge of the Hiss
  • Obi Wan Catnobi
  • Nabmew
  • Paw Solo
  • Purrincess Leila
  • The Furst Order
  • William Catner
  • Warcat

Harry Potter Cat Pun Names

A lot of great ideas people bring from one more epic movie called Happy Hotter. Pay attention to these brilliant meow puns.

  • Hairy Pawter – for a mystical cat.
  • Lord Voldercat – the nice pun name for a suspicious and leery feline.
  • Pawdma Petil – for a careful and prudent cat.
  • Cho Fang – great for Asian cats.
  • Pawtunia – if your kitty is delicate and a bit mysterious, this name will be great for it.
  • Flich
  • Fuzzclaw
  • Catric
  • Purrsley
  • Errol
  • Triwiskers
  • Lumos
  • Sirius Black
  • Percy
  • Pixie

How to Name Your Cat

It might be difficult to name your cat, so why not make a statement? Regardless of whether you’re hoping to become an Instagram sensation or just enjoy a good joke, people will remember the name of your cat. Here are some tips on how to choose a name for your cat.

Draw at Random

Write down or type down every name on a piece of paper, then let the cosmos work its magic.

Pick a Name That Gets You Every Time

Choose a name that lifts your spirit every time you pronounce it.

Choose a Name With Lots of Nickname Possibilities

Choose a creative approach and pick a name that offers numerous nickname possibilities. For instance, Catticus, Cactus, Catti, Atticus, etc.

Editor’s Note

What do you name a calm cat?

The name of a calm cat may be connected with the world around you and the cat’s behavior and activities. Besides, you can consider your own interests and hobbies. Here are some ideas.

For the scientists

  • Albert Einstail
  • Purrrie Curie
  • James Pawwell
  • Catlileo Galilei
  • Marie Purrrie
  • Feline Musk
  • Niels Purr

For the Sports Fans

  • Simone Whiskers
  • Alex Meowgan
  • Paw-lie Lloyd
  • Purr-nard Hopkins
  • Meowra Ham
  • Catson Wentz
  • Lebron Mewes

For the Tech Lovers

  • Bill Gatesy
  • Catzos Bezos
  • Steve Paws
  • Larry Pawge
  • Elon Purrsk
  • Tim Purrk
  • Pawl Allen
  • Pawla Harris


Do cats respond better to certain types of names?

Cats frequently respond favorably to shorter names with distinct sounds.

Can I use a pun name for a pedigree cat?

Yes, you can use punny names for cats. Your pedigree cat can benefit from a pun name that reflects both its distinct personality and its illustrious heritage.

Where else can I find inspiration for punny cat names?

Inspiration is all around us! You may think about the characteristics and eccentricities of your cat, as well as your favorite authors, actors, and celebrities. You might even look into mythology and folklore.

Bottom Line

Choosing pun names for cats is a perfect way to make it outstanding and unusual. Besides, it isn’t so difficult to find a punny name for your favorite if you know where to find inspiration.