Unique Cat Names


It’s a tricky business to come up with an appropriate name for your fluffy friend, especially if you are crazy about unique kitten names! Creativity is the main element when it comes to naming your curious pet. Cat owners (or cat parent?) don’t want their pet to have the same name as other cats. That’s why they apply to exotic and uncommon nicknames more and more often. Let’s look at the possible ideas of original female as well as male cat names!

Cute Unique Female Cat Names

Well, you’ve become an owner of a girl cat, haven’t you? Perhaps, you’re just planning to adopt a pretty cat? Anyway, it’s important to know in advance how to name her. As a rule, best ideas of rare feline names for a girl cat appear spontaneously. You may choose a name for your new friend while watching TV, reading books or looking through the news in a local paper. Just pay attention to different odd names, even if they are not connected with cats or animals at all. Names, translated from other languages will also be a real discovery.

Interesting Unique Male Cat Names

If the time to choose a name for a boy cat has come, you’re a lucky person, because you’re in the right place. Unusual cat names shouldn’t be connected with the color of fur or the breed in no way. It doesn’t matter if your cat is white, black or orange. The name shouldn’t be necessarily weird. Names with cool meanings are considered to be creative. You may use some foreign languages to find something special. For example, Japanese is full of names which are pleasant to hear and have an interesting meaning (Chie means wisdom, Eiko is an eternal child).

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