Orange Cat Names

D.J. (Deejay)

Orange cats are special not only because of the unique color of their fur, but also because of their special character. They are very communicative and “talkative”. These ginger cats are Velcro creatures. This fact is good for those cat followers who don’t want to leave their pets for a long time.

As a rule, all cats with the fur of this beautiful color are an orange tabby. The combination of colors can be different: black and orange or white and orange are the most popular. It’s important to pay a special attention to selecting of perfect names for these fluffy cats with red hair.

Funny Female Cat Names for Orange Kitten

If you have an orange kitten, don’t use boring names for your pet. Always remember that you’ll hear this name every day. Orange should be associated with something bright and fun.

Thus, owners of girl kitties with the fire fur prefer to choose cute names that mean red or denote red things. Girl cats with the light brown coat may become Pumpkin. Just look around and you’ll find a lot of beautiful things which will inspire you to give a perfect name to your orange kitten.

It’s also useful to look for ideas of names in books or after Disney characters. There are a lot of pretty girls with red hair, who will surely share their names with your amazing girl cat.

Good Cat Names for Male Orange Cats

Cute names, which are connected with ginger cartoon characters from Disney world, are really popular as male cat names. Such unisex name as Fox will make your russet cat especially unusual, adding a piece of the punchline into the character of your male cat.

It’s possible to look for a perfect name in the wild nature. If you have ever dreamt about having a tiger, you’ll be happy to know that you can have an orange tiger cat. It’s a good name for a yellow cat with white stripes. Long haired cats of the orange color will become a hero with some names, connected with famous characters.

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