Bengal Cat Names


Unusual appearance of Bengal cat drives people crazy. What is special about it? First of all, they seem to be jungle animals, not domesticated pets. As a rule, exotic Bengali cats look like small copies of tigers, jaguars or leopards. They can be striped or spotted; the color of the coat of this breed may be of all dark and light shades. These creatures have a really inspirational lineage: the crossbreeding of domestic cats and the Asian leopard cat. Impressive! Then it’s also important to say that all cats of the Bengal breed are extremely intelligent, energetic, and devoted. All these facts make people fall in love with Bengal cats!

As you see, there are a lot of reasons to buy a Bengal cat. If you have already decided to adopt a Bengal kitty, it’s you should firstly think about a wonderful name for him or her. Perfect names for Bengal kitties should reflect their unique wild personality.

Exotic Female Names for Bengal Cat

It has become a tradition to name exotic cats on the base of their fur color. Different words, denoting colors in different languages, provides cat owners with the variety of choices. Another way to pick up the name is to apply to the color associations. Marble will become a great name for your Bengal cat if she has light fur (snow white, silver or gray) while Onyx is the precious name for black or charcoal girl cats.

Cartoons, movies as well as other fictional stories will also help you to decide on the female Bengal cat name. Extremely popular!

Popular Male Bengal Kitten Names

To pick a badass name for your Bengal kitty you should pay attention to his appearance. Boy cats that look like tigers may get famous tiger names while a kitten with leopard spots will live his full life under the name Sabor or Makucha.

If your kitten is either the Bengal Siamese mix or the Bengal tabby mix, take this fact into account when naming him.

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