Tabby Cat Names

Puss in Boots

Tabby cats are very popular pets. “Tabby” isn’t only about cats with stripes. Tabby variations include mackerel tabby, bullseye tabby, patched tabby, and some others. The variety of colors of tabby cats’ fur will also impress you: brown, black, silver, orange, cream, blue, grey and white… The list is endless!

Although the variety of appearances of tabby cats is huge, it’s an uneasy task to choose a great name for such creative creatures. There are a lot of unisex names, however, most owners depend on the gender of a kitten.

Playful Male Tabby Cat Names

The most popular ideas of almost all male names for tabby cats are based upon their appearance. Provided a kitten is a striped or spotted tabby, it’s better to name it Toby or Tabico, which have become a classic choice among owners of cats with tabby markings. However, they are not the only playful names you can use for your male tabby boy cat.

Some cat owners prefer using cartoon names or names of different toys to diversify their own life, e.g. Garfield.

It’s possible to apply to various associations. If your boy cat has golden fur with stripes, let it become a tiger kitty with a tiger name. Thus, among cute male names for tabby cats, you’ll also find leopard or lion names.

You’ll definitely agree that if you give funny names to your tabby cat, you’ll never feel too boring.

Cute Female Tabby Cat Names

The owners of female tabby cats will say that it’s no less difficult to choose cute names for them. You’ll not believe, but a girl cat is too discerning when it comes to the name. Here we’ve again come to the problem of naming female tabby cats after their special markings! You should avoid such common names as Spotty if you want your cat to have an unusual name. Instead of this, think about the world of nature or fairy tales.

Another way to find the perfect name for your tabby cat is based on the color of its fur. Due to this, a marbled cat may become Marble, cats with a reddish hue will get the name of Cinnamon.

These names are just a drop in the ocean of cute names for your female tabby cat. For more ideas use our cat name generator.

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