Warrior Cat Names


The Best Warrior Names For Cats

Are you a lucky owner of a new feline family member? Then you may start thinking what name will fit your boy cat or girl cat the most. First of all, pay attention to the fur color, traits of character and behavior. If your kitty has a brave character, probably it’s a good reason to consider some badass warrior names!

Do you know that there is even a series of fantasy novels, which is called “Warriors”? These books include adventurous stories about four Clans of wild cat warriors, who have their own skills and territories. In case you are a great fan of such thrilling tales, you will enjoy having a little friend with a heroic name at home.

There is a special pattern that you can use to create a cool warrior name for either your she-cat or he-cat. The name of the warrior cat consists of two parts: the prefixes and suffixes. The prefix usually describes the kitten’s appearance, for example, the color of fur or words related to nature. The suffix, in its turn, should match what you have chosen for the first part of the name. So, if you choose “Storm” as the first name, the second part can be “cloud”.

Still, you can give your cat a unique name, which doesn’t stick to any Clans and can even sound a little bit funny. Moreover, you can choose a name from a number of famous warrior names, which involves legendary Chinese and Disney characters, as well as heroes from Greek mythology. But if you are struggling to create your own variant of a name for your pet, our warrior cat name generator will provide you with some sort of inspiration that helps you to find the most awesome ideas.

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