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by Linda Mathews Last Updated August 14, 2023

Ragdoll International (RI) brings together enthusiastic Ragdoll breeders from all over the world. Each member of the Ragdoll association adheres to high breeding standards, communication ethics, and honesty.

All participants are constantly developing, learning more about the Ragdoll breed, and sharing knowledge and practical experience with each other.

Besides, club members share information about Ragdolls for adoption, Ragdoll cat prices in different states (California, Florida, Pennsylvania), as well as information related to maintenance and Ragdoll cats care.

The main goal of breeders is to breed healthy kittens of different colors and patterns with a beautiful appearance and unique personality. This Ragdoll cat club strives to be a place where every breeder can get answers to questions of interest not only regarding Ragdoll cats, but also questions related to the behavior inherent in all felines.

For example, all curious pet parents who are interested in why cats sometimes lick people they love, lie on their owners’ chests, and adore or hate certain smells, will be able to find answers to these questions. International Ragdoll cat association also highlights health problems that can occur in cats, including common issues (e.g. Diarrhea) and rare conditions, such as feline down syndrome.

All members of the organization exchange ideas, suggestions, concerns, and their experiences. The information provided is relevant, up-to-date, and covers various aspects related to breeding cats. Each participant is free to independently decide whether to follow the given tips or not.

RI offers an atmosphere of honesty, openness, mutual respect, and respect for private life to all participants. On top of that, the organization does its best to create a positive learning environment. Thus, ongoing training and updating are provided on topics that are very important to all members, such as cat health and animal welfare.

Ragdoll fanciers club international is a progressive association, therefore, it offers discussions on a variety of topics, as well as the opportunity to submit topics and ideas for discussion and/or voting to any Board member or Chair.

What makes RI a great place for Ragdoll breeders as well as owners of these lovely cats?

  • Ragdoll International follows all TICA rules and guidelines.
  • The organization publishes a quarterly newsletter to help members make their cats’ lives better, healthier, and happier. The newsletter contains information on the health and well-being of cats, facts based on personal experience regarding breeding, and various photos of Ragdolls. In addition, any participant can ask for help in solving problems in the newsletter.
  • The association encourages active participation in discussions and dedicated assistance to other members. Thus, there is a high probability of getting answers to your questions in a short time.
  • All RI participants follow the principles of partnership and mutual support. The level of respect and ethics is as high as possible.

Owners of Ragdolls can be members of the club, regardless of the number of pets, their gender, age, and color. Everybody is welcome to show photos of Raggies (Seal Point, Lynx Point, Blue Point felines, etc.), ask any question, help other participants in solving an issue, or simply learn new facts from the life of Ragdolls.

To be a member breeder and to have full voting rights in the Ragdoll International organization, you must be a certified breeder (membership in the International Cat Association (TICA) is an advantage but not required).

The Ragdoll International Association strives to be as useful as possible for all members. Everybody is invited to appreciate the strong interaction between members of this “cut above” organization and enjoy all the beneficial effects of positive cooperation.