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by Linda Mathews Last Updated January 6, 2023

All kittens are cute and charming, but Ragdoll kittens are famous for their adorable appearance and lovable nature that make these exciting fur balls perfect pets. With their long and soft fur and gorgeous blue eyes, they are known as one of the most popular breeds for any cat lover.

If you’re interested in the Ragdoll breed and in purchasing a Ragdoll kitten for sale in California, contacting a reputable Ragdoll cat breeder or trustworthy Ragdoll cattery can be the best option for you and your family.

Of course, such beautiful fur balls as Ragdoll kittens cost a bit pricey and not everyone can afford to buy a purebred Ragdoll cat or kitten. However, the Ragdoll cat price can vary and some California breeders may offer Ragdoll long hair kittens for sale.

We’ve checked a lot of breeders and catteries in California to make up a list of 10 esteemed Ragdoll cat breeders in California where you can find Ragdoll baby kittens for sale, adult Ragdoll cat options, and even retired Ragdoll cats for adoption.

Ragdoll Cat Breeders in California | Kittens & Cats for Sale

Rock Creek Ranch Ragdolls

Rock Creek Ranch Ragdolls

For those who are looking for Ragdoll kittens for sale in Orange County in California, the best way to go is Rock Creek Ranch. This cattery has proved very successful in promoting Ragdoll cats.

Besides, Rock Creek Ranch has TICA certification and is famous for its security. At this cattery, Ragdolls are never kept in cages because it is important to let them feel free and safe for being gentle, affectionate, and friendly four-legged companions.

True Blue Ragdolls

True Blue Ragdolls

True Blue Ragdolls is a well-known cat brand that also provides purebred Ragdoll kittens for sale Temecula, CA. As you can understand from the name (it includes the hint of the blue eyes that are typical for true Ragdolls), it is a highly respected organization that concentrates on Ragdoll promotion. All their Ragdolls have TICA certification, and you can see that when visiting the True Blue Ragdolls webpage.

The Ragdoll Queen Cattery

The Ragdoll Queen Cattery

One more cool place where Ragdoll cat lovers can buy a cutie with a great pedigree for sale. There are a lot of Ragdoll kittens available at this cattery: Calico Ragdoll cat options, Seal Bicolor Ragdoll and Chocolate Ragdoll kittens for sale, Lynx Ragdoll and Blue Bicolor Ragdoll kitten variations.

View its webpage and choose the most suitable kitty for you. All the kittens in the Ragdoll Queen Cattery are registered with TICA certification.

Fur-Real Ragdolls

Fur-Real Ragdolls

Another cattery that provides awesome Ragdoll kittens for free and for sale is Fur-Real Ragdolls. Cat lovers who want to find cheap Ragdoll kittens for sale in Northern California, Ragdoll kittens for sale in Sacramento, San Francisco, or Bay Area can focus on this cattery and select an adorable kitten.

It offers Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll kittens, Blue Point Bicolor Ragdoll cuties, Seal Point Bicolor, and Color Point kittens. It is important to know that Fur-Real Ragdolls is a member of TICA, CFA, RI, and RFW. Check it out this guide to ragdoll cat colors & patterns.

Angel Haven Dolls

Angel Haven Dolls

Buying a Ragdoll cat or thinking about a Ragdoll cat adoption? Visit the Angel Haven Dolls website. This cattery offers charming Ragdoll kittens for sale in Southern California (Riverside CA and San Diego located). It has various great options, so you can definitely find a perfect fur ball for you and your family.

Swafford’s Ragdoll Cafe

Swafford's Ragdoll Cafe

Ragdoll kittens for sale California craigslist cannot be complete without Swafford’s Ragdoll Cafe where it is possible to opt for a gorgeous Ragdoll and don’t pay much. This outstanding cattery is on the list of the top six cat breeders in California that offer purebred Ragdolls for sale and for adoption.

Ragdoll Kittens by Kelly

Ragdoll Kittens by Kelly

Situated in Orange County, Ragdoll Kittens by Kelly provides some of the best Ragdoll cats in California. On the webpage of this famous and highly reputable breeder, you can also see a lot of cheap Ragdoll kittens for sale.

But this doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with these kittens, this means that the breeder is constantly looking for the best pet parents for their adorable cuties.

AdorableDolls Ragdolls

AdorableDolls Ragdolls

There is one more option for getting a Ragdoll kitten and don’t spend a lot of money – AdorableDolls Ragdolls. This is a spot where you can find many sweet Ragdoll cats for sale and even for free. This breeder often pays attention to people’s attitude to fur balls instead of the ability to pay a high bill.

Ragnarok Cattery

Ragnarok Cattery

One of the oldest Ragdoll catteries in California (it was founded in 1977), Ragnarok Cattery also offers amazing Ragdoll kittens for sale in order to find a loving family and caring owner for every kitty. Visit the Ragnarok Cattery site and check out the options to choose a suitable kitten for you.

Ruby Ridge Rags Ragdolls

Ruby Ridge Rags Ragdolls

Ruby Ridge Rags Ragdolls is a cattery that is located in Riverside County, CA. So if you want to find Ragdoll kittens for sale in Los Angeles, you can come to the Ruby Ridge Rags website and choose a lovely Ragdoll kitty that will make your life more exciting and interesting.

TICA and CFA Certifications

Any pet owner who is going to buy, bring, or adopt a Ragdoll kitten should understand that all respected and reliable Ragdoll cat breeders have and can offer their clients professional certificates for their fur balls.

There are two most well-known certifications that you should focus on TICA and CFA.

TICA (The International Cat Association) is a recognizable world’s cat association that has been in operation for more than 50 years as it was launched in 1967. Thus, this is one of the largest and oldest organizations that specializes in registering purebred cats including Ragdoll ones all over the globe.

TICA Ragdoll breeders are considered one of the most reputable cat promoters and TICA registered kittens and cats are in high demand.

CFA (The Cat Fanciers’ Association) is another cat organization that has been dealing with the promotion of purebred cats since 1906 and is located in North America.

Frequently asked questions

How much do Ragdoll cats cost in California?

Ragdoll cat prices in California can vary a lot because it depends on different factors. In fact, a Ragdoll kitten can be purchased from $2000 to $3000. But you know that you can always find some cheaper options in trustworthy cat breeders and catteries if you want to buy a Ragdoll cat or kitten for sale, or you have a wish to adopt Ragdoll kittens for free.

What is a fair price for a Ragdoll kitten?

When it comes to a fair price for a Ragdoll kitten, you should realize that this is between $800 and $2000. Read more in our guide about ragdoll cat and kitten pricing & cost.

Where can I find a Ragdoll breeder?

Actually, check out our list of respected Ragdoll cat breeders in California and choose a breeder from it. We’ve collected the best Ragdoll breeders who have a good reputation and a lot of interesting offers for you.

How Many Cats Can I have in California?

Each household may have no more than four dogs or cats older than four months. You must seek special authorization if you have five or more pets. The number of animals varies depending on the jurisdiction.


For those who want to bring a fluffy cutie at home, this article can be very useful. Above you’ll find 10 reliable Ragdoll cat breeders who can offer you Ragdoll kittens and cats for sale.

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