Calico Cat Names

Ozzy (Ozzie)

It’s impossible not to fall in love with so beautiful creatures as calico cats! A fluffy tricolor kitty attracts the attention with the variety of colorful combinations. The most popular colors of calico cats include black, orange, and white colors. It’s also possible to meet a so-called dilute calico cat with different pastel colors on its coat. It doesn’t matter what is a breed of a calico cat, because a Turkish calico is as wonderful as American Shorthair, Long Haired Calico or Japanese bobtail.

It’s a real challenge to choose a name for your multi colored cat, isn’t it? The tortoiseshell pattern of its fur sets the number of requirements for calico cat names: creativity, novelty, and diversity. As you see, it’s not enough to become an owner of a calico cat, you have to come up with a special name for it as well!

Cute Female Names for Calico Cats

Distinctive characteristics of calico cats provide owners of these beautiful pets with tons of ideas for girl cat names. You’ll find many names, taken from the calico word. Some owners prefer to name their girl cat like flowers. You’ll be surprised to find that there’s a great variety of beautiful flowery names for calico cats.

The idea to call your cat on the basis of its fur patterns isn’t new. Tricolor dots and stripes, which are usually presented on the coat of calico cats, give the variants of cute names. Thus, you may hear Marble more and more often.

“Colorful” and “sweet” names are also in great demand!

Unusual Names for Calico Kittens

Calico kittens are cute and amusing, so their names should reflect the nature of these creatures. Various names, which are consonant with the name of the fur’s color pattern, have become the choice number one.

Royal names for calico kittens reveal their unique nature. It’s a great pleasure to know that Caesar is waiting for you at home! Orange color on the fur of calico cats will turn kittens into Tiger or Lion.

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