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by Linda Mathews Last Updated January 26, 2023

People can have different appearances. Someone obtains straight hair while other men and women are proud of their wavy chevelure. As human beings vary when it comes to their looks, so do animals.

Do you know that there are curly cats? These felines are not about a silky and straight coat. They are curly-furred cats, and even their whiskers are curly-pate!

Do you have any ideas about fleecy & frizzy bewhiskered pets? Let’s take a closer look at the curly-haired cat breeds. Among them are Devon Rex, Cornish Rex, Selkirk Rex, and other fluffy buddies.

Top 7 Curly-Haired Cat Breeds

Top 7 Curly-Haired Cat Breeds

Most cat lovers got used to felines with straight silky fur. That is why many people can hardly imagine bewhiskered pets with wavy hair or curly fur. Nevertheless, there are more than a dozen of curly-haired cat breeds.

It is worth noting that they can have long fur or coats with a medium hair length. We are going to review the top 7 curly-haired cat breeds that you should take into consideration if you are looking for a great family pet.

Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex

One of the curly cat breeds that relate to the huge Rex family. These felines are very good-looking and gorgeous animals. Every Selkirk Rex curly fur cat as other pets with curly hair is born bald. But after some time, curly-haired kittens appear and please their owners with their great looks.

Note that this is one of the cat breeds with normal hair length. If you are thinking of Selkirk Rex adoption, do not expect too many fluffy pet companions with numerous grooming issues.

These are soft teddy bears with kind hearts and a well-developed socialization background. As most Selkirk Rex felines have white or gray curly coats, they are often named sheep kittens from their very childhood.

Additionally, there are other coloration variations for this cat breed with a curly coat. Selkirk Rex cats can be:

  • Of tuxedo pattern;
  • Sepia;
  • Pointed;
  • Dark-colored (black curly-haired cat).

It is worth noting that the appearance of Selkirk Rex curly-haired cats and their temperament is often similar to British Shorthair felines. You can mention massive paws, a muscular body and neck, a broad chest, and a fluffy tail.

The Selkirk Rex’s personality is also about friendship and kind-hearted behavior. But do not confuse this pet with a Persian cat.

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Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex

This curly-haired cat breed is extremely heat-loving. With the help of their wavy coats, felines retain their body heat. But usually, Cornish Rex cats are searching for more and more heat under the soft blankets and in the hugs of their owners.

Some people state that this breed is similar to the Sphynx cat but with curly hair. Large ears, slim bodies, and nicely-muscled figures distinct them from other bewhiskered pets. But every caring cat lover will mention that the Cornish Rex curly cat breed is more friendly, contact-loving, and willing to socialize with pet companions.

So, most of the features are similar to Devon Rex felines mostly.

Devon Rex

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex breed is notable for its fluffy coat (but the hair length is short at the same time). You will never forget the extremely big and attentive eyes of this feline together with the friendly temperament and slim body. All the curly Devon Rex cats have wedge-shaped heads as traditional Siamese.

This curly-haired breed also has the significant feature of constantly rubbing people’s legs to get more attention and love. Together with Cornish Rex, Devon Rex felines would like to contact all the family members as much as it is possible.



According to the Cat Fancier’s Association (FCA), the LaPerm cat breed is among the youngest ones worldwide. These bewhiskered pets hit the huge feline world in the 1990s.

They are medium-sized cats with wavy coats. These felines are related to the big Rex family. But having obtained original mutation traits, this new cat breed with awesome LaPerm cats can be:

  • Short-haired (with short or medium hair);
  • Long-haired (with long hair);
  • Pointed or tuxedo coat colors and patterns;
  • Bicolor and three-color color varieties.

It is worth noting that these felines obtain unique features when it comes to their curly fur. In comparison with other breeds (German Rex, Oregon Rex, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, and other Rex cat breeds), small LaPerm kittens are born fluffy (but the fur can be straight at the very beginning). So their first hair coverage changes to the regular and wavy one only at the age of 9-10 months.

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These curly-haired cats are often compared with Corgi puppies and other dog breeds. Skookum felines have short paws and slim bodies. This breed appeared as a result of crossing a LaPerm bewhiskered buddy and a Munchkin cat.

Besides the fact that these pet companions became popular among many owners around the world, most authorities like TICA (the International Cat Association) have not still recognized Skookum. That is why this curly-haired cat breed does not take part in international exhibitions and competitions.

Skookum as Munchkin, Selkirk Rex, LaPerm, and other felines with curly hair obtains various fur coloration patterns like bi or tri-color markings. Almost every little kitten is born with beige and gray spots on their backs and bellies.

Tennessee Rex

Tennessee Rex

The Rex cat family is growing. According to the TICA’s feline breed portfolio, among newly recognized ones are Toybob, Aphrodite, and Tennessee bewhiskered buddies.

The story began in 2004. And now this curly-haired cat breed is well-known around the world. The spontaneous genetic mutation took place, so two kitties in the litter had wire coats.

Additionally, each Tennessee Rex has one more significant feature. This is a brown curly hair cat with curly whiskers and wavy awn hair. Some experts state that these felines are big-sized pets. But the most reputable associations name Tennessee Rex a medium-sized cat.

These kitties have different grades of orange and red in combination with white patterns when it comes to their fur. Additionally, their coats can be both long-haired and short-haired.



This is one more breed with curly-haired cats. Their fluffy coats have waves and wire-like patterns. Some people see the similarities of Ragamuffins with a curly Persian cat.

But the feline world recognizes this breed separately with its three-layer furs, calm gradation of the colors on the coats, and rather big sizes of the adult kitties. Additionally, the Ragamuffin cat’s lifespan is really impressive. These felines can live up to 16-17 years.

In comparison with other cat breeds, Ragamuffins are extremely affectionate and very loving animals. That is why many families with children are willing to adopt these XL-size kitties to have a faithful pet companion.

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Why Do Some Cats Have Curly Hair?

Why Do Some Cats Have Curly Hair?

The natural genetic mutation (LP, R, Se, Re mutation) takes place, and some cats are lucky to obtain curly hair. There is a range of curly-friendly cat breeds like the huge Rex family with well-known wavy-coated kitties like:

  • LaPerm cats;
  • Cornish Rex cats;
  • Devon Rex cats;
  • Tennessee Rex cat buddies, etc.

Note that the most common concept that the feline curly coat is free from cat allergies is still a buzzword.

Some people believe that ability of a cat to cause allergic reactions can be bound to its coat length. It can be explained that wavy-coated felines usually have one or two layers less fur than kitties with straight hair-covering. However, these statements are false.

Curly-Haired Cat Breeds

What breed of cat has crimped fur? Among other breeds with curly fur, American Wirehair, German Rex, and Tasman Manx cat buddies are found. These felines obtain wire-like coats with waves, ringlets, etc. Let’s take a closer look at each of the mentioned curly-haired breeds:

  • American Wirehair. These mid-sized kitties are fluffy, they have three layers of fur. The coloration can be similar to the average domestic cat with stripes and different colors. There are no sheep-like ringlets. The coat is just a little wavy.
  • German Rex felines are small cats with curly fur and with rather a big lifespan (they live up to 17-18 years). These felines can be misunderstood with Cornish Rex cats. But according to TICA and CFA, this is a separate cat breed. The notable features are woolier coats and almost unlimited color patterns in comparison with the Cornish Rex breed.
  • Tasman Manx. This cat breed appeared as a result of crossing Manx and Persian kitties. The natural mutation on the genetic level was possible due to the presence of the specific genes (related to the Rex cat family). Most felines have multicolor fur (brown, black, white, gray, etc.).

It is worth noting that the list of curly-haired cat breeds does not come to an end with all the mentioned felines. There are also Ural and Oregon Rex, Poodle cat, and other kitties of different breeds.

Are Any Other Curly-Haired Cats?

It is possible that in a week or two we will be happy to announce other curly-haired cat breeds. But at the moment, we have mentioned all the felines with wavy, wire-like, and sheep-like fur. But both TICA and FCA portfolios are being updated constantly. So, it is reasonable to keep track of new cat breeds with curly hair.

How to Care for Curly-Haired Cats?

How to Care for Curly-Haired Cats?

Grooming procedures are required for pets with a long and curly coat. If your feline has wavy fur, without good bathing, brushing, and combing, its hair might be clocked. So, to avoid different health problems, it is recommended to pay attention to all necessary caring routines and hygiene rituals.

Brushing and Combing

If you are an owner of a curly-haired cat, be ready to brush and comb your pet twice a week. Especially if your kitty is Selkirk Rex or LaPerm. Their fur has a high risk of being matted if you do not perform grooming procedures timely.

Brush and comb all the ringlets and curls on the neck and tummy. Do not forget about feline limbs as well. Get veterinary advice about the regularity of the grooming sessions (once a month or more often).

Note that overgrooming is also dangerous – your curly-haired cat can face bald spots, skin itching, and various allergic reactions.


The fluffy fur becomes dirty more often. So, be ready to wash your kitty at least once a month. It is a high time of bathing when you have noticed the feline coat is oily and waxy.

Do not use shampoos and soaps with aggressive components to avoid allergies and itching. Bathing cosmetics with neutral pH will be the most optimal option for your hygiene procedures.

Curly-Haired Cat Facts

  • A curly-haired cat will not bring you problems with intensive shedding. They shed a little.
  • Most curly-haired kittens are born in the Rex family. The percentage of Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Selkirk Rex, and other Rex-breed felines is more than 90%.
  • Do not be surprised to see wavy eyebrows, curly whiskers, and amen hair if you have adopted a feline of one of the above-mentioned breeds.
  • Devon and German Rex kitties are the smallest cats with curly hair.
  • Old felines seem fluffier than young cats and kittens.

How to Get a Curly Cat Hair Breed?

You can either adopt or buy a cat with curly hair.


Check out the rescue groups and shelters in your area. There are domestic cats with the rex mutation. Although there will be an adoption fee, it will be significantly less expensive than purchasing a purebred cat.

Official Breeders

You may be sure you’re getting a healthy cat by purchasing your kitten with curly hair from a recognized breeder.


How Much Does a Curly Haired Cat Cost?

Devon Rex’s cost is the highest in comparison with other breeds that have kitties with a curly coat. You can buy the feline for $900 and up to $3,000 from a reputable breeder.

The average price for other kitties from the Rex family is $600-$1,700. The cheapest will be a Selkirk Rex pet (the costs vary from $300 and up to $950).

How much does a LaPerm cat cost? A trustworthy breeder will usually charge you between $300 and $600 for a LaPerm cat.

Are Selkirk Rex Cats Affectionate?

Yes, these pets are loving and affectionate. Families with children and other animals can adopt a Selkirk Rex cat easily. But be ready that these felines are very demanding. If your cat wants to eat, drink, or hug, get prepared to be haunted by your bewhiskered pet until you give everything he-cat or she-cat asks for.

Final Word

Fluffy bewhiskered buddies can be not only with straight and silky hair but with wavy and curly coats. These soft small sheep are so cute and warm!

Now, you found out more about curly-haired kittens and cats. Most of them are from the big Rex feline family. Who knows, maybe one of these kitties with ringlets will become your beloved pet!

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