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by Linda Mathews Last Updated January 24, 2023

Cats are really cool to have as pets. They are so charming and small and some get along well with kids and other pets. Each cat breed has slightly different characteristics that make it special and unique.

However, the most outstanding feature that attracts many pet parents-to-be when they choose an awesome breed of cat to get is the eye size of their future pet.

Actually, most people find cats with big eyes more appealing and friendly. As in the case of humans, it’s generally believed that people with big eyes are more beautiful because eyes are known to be the windows to the soul. Thus, cats with huge eyes are considered lovelier and more adorable creatures and it is much easier for them to find a great owner and a cozy house.

In this article, we’ve presented a list of the most popular cat breeds with big eyes to let you pick out the most appropriate big-eyed kitten for your home. Besides, you can see the photos of the most demanded fur balls with large eyes and read descriptions to know more about each breed.

13 Big Eyed Cat Breeds



The first cat with the biggest eyes in the world you need to know is the Singapura cat. This smallest breed of the domesticated cat impresses with the size of its eyes and oversized ears. Thanks to Singapura’s huge eyes, the cats of this gorgeous breed look bigger than they actually are.

Singapura cats are inclined to have their eyes open as wide as possible all the time and due to this their look usually has a round appearance and a curious alert expression.

The look of Singapura cats goes hand-in-hand with their playful and inquisitive temperament. The felines of this breed are extremely energetic, fun-loving creatures that can be also characterized as loyal and devoted human companions.

Besides their huge eyes and little stature, Singapura cats have one more distinguished feature – a ticked tabby coat. So if you want to bring a small cat with large almond eyes and remarkable fur color, focus on such an awesome breed as the Singapura.

Cornish Rex Cat Breed

Cornish Rex Cat Breed

The small big eared cats with peculiar large oval shaped eyes and unique coats are known as the Cornish Rex cats. The triangular gaze of their huge eyes and special coat are the two major features that can leave no one indifferent.

This amazing cat with large eyes is famous for its velvety fur with charming curls and not very long curly whiskers. The Cornish Rex cats have just one of three fur coat layers – they have the undercoat and thanks to this feature the coat of this cat breed looks so extravagant and uncommon.

But the absence of long fur also makes their eyes more visible and distinguished and underlines their roundness. Typically, the eyes of the Cornish Rex felines are green or blue.

The funny looking cat with big eyes like the Cornish Rex likes playing most of the time. They prefer to be always on the move, tend to exercise, play fetch, and learn some fresh tricks with their owners.

Sphynx Cat Breed

Sphynx Cat Breed

Well-known hairless felines with almond shaped eyes, the Sphynx cats are also included in the list of the most sought-after cats with round pupils. This is one of the most popular hairless skin cat breeds in the world that enjoys great demand in every corner of the globe.

Having a triangular head and large round wide-set eyes, distinctive cheekbones, and oversized ears, the Sphynx cat impresses people by the lack of whiskers and eyelashes. All these peculiarities create an incredible image and add some elegant feel to the image of this cat breed.

The royal appearance and significant expression of the Sphynx are very flexible creatures that absolutely don’t behave too serious and tend to play and mischief most of their time.

These cats with big eyes are likely to entertain and please their masters, jump, and run like a funny puppy. They are highly agile cats. Hard as this may be to believe, but the nature of the Sphynx cats is very contrasting to their appearance.



Not so famous and maybe not a very popular breed among big eyed cat breeds, the Tonkinese cat breed can’t be ignored by us because the giant eyes of the Tonkinese cats astonish people to the roots of the soul.

As a blend of Burmese and Siamese cats, the Tonkinese cats feature peculiar pointed markings on the coat that are much darker than the Siamese cats have.

The Tonkinese felines can be considered extremely unique creatures not only thanks to the large size of their eyes, but due to the stunning color of their eyes. The coloration of the Tonkinese cat can vary from bright green, blue, aqua to violet. The fur balls with aqua eyes are the most popular among other options and such eye color isn’t found in other cat breeds.

As people-oriented creatures, the Tonkinese cats love to be close to their humans and get a lot of attention. They are quite curious and smart four-legged companions who can be trained in many interesting tricks and need some cat toys.

Devon Rex

Devon Rex

The unusual pixie-like look of the Devon Rex cat has a lot in common with their Cornish cousins. They have a similar triangular head shape, curly coat, oversized ears and, of course, big almond shaped eyes.

The large ear and enormous eyes stand out greatly on a small face with extremely short whiskers. The eye colors of the Devon Rex cat have more options than the Cornish breed. In addition to awesome green or golden eyes, the Devon Rex cats charm cat fans with various blue and brown eye colorations.

The character of this pixie cat, like its contrasting appearance, is ingenious and catchy. Being small-sized weird looking cats, they are as playful as kids. Besides, the energy of these felines can surprise anyone. For families with active kids, the Devon Rex can be the best option.

Persian Cats

Persian Cats

One of the most gorgeous large house cat breeds is the Persian cat. This cat is round all over, especially round and splendid are the Persian’s eyes. Such adorable Persian cats with round eyes of bright blue or green hues can touch anyone’s heart. However, this big eyed cat breed has more peculiar features except for the breathtaking eyes.

Being big fluffy cats, the Persian cats need much grooming and regular washing. Since they have a flat nose, they need much care because of various health issues.

The fur balls of this awesome breed can’t live without attention at all. They demand full attention from their pet parents and don’t like to be ignored by humans.

The Persians prefer regular cuddles instead of active games, they are quite laid-back and calm. However, such luxurious cats are known as easy-going felines who get along well with kids and other animals.

Scottish Fold Cat Breed

Scottish Fold Cat Breed

As amazing as it sounds but the Scottish Fold cats aren’t famous for their big eyes. As you understand from their name, this breed is well-known thanks to their peculiar ears – folded ears. As the result of the genetic mutation, the Scottish Fold cat features cute small ears that make the appearance of this round face cat highly recognizable and remarkable.

If you take a closer look at this awesome cat with big eyes, you’ll see that it also has some unique charm due to its huge eyes. All types of gold, green and deep or sky blue can happen in the case of the Scottish Fold cat. But it’s not important because large eyes together with a round face and little ears give this cat breed look like an owl.

Thanks to the inimitable appearance of such a big eyed cat as the Scottish Fold, a lot of celebrities got this cat breed as a house pet. Moreover, the popularity of the Scottish Fold cats is increasing every day due to their patient and friendly temperament, and gentle soul.

British Shorthair

British Shorthair

Like a large-eyed plush toy, the British shorthair cat can get anyone to fall for it. This round cat refers to the giant domesticated cats. The British Shorthairs are definitely distinguished and unique by their expressive eyes and fascinating cat coloration.

Like the Russian Blue cats, the British Shorthairs impress cat lovers with a remarkable blue coat. Their blue coat makes people appreciate this breed and spend much time on its grooming. Some cats of this breed have sky blue and green eyes that are huge and evocative.

But the orange eyed cat can be often found and preferred among the fans of the British Shorthair felines.

The rounded look of this cat breed and their temperament make people compare the British Shorthair to teddy bears. These kind and sweet cats fit perfectly for a calm life without mischief and noise.

The British Shorthair loves to get a lot of attention from their masters and doesn’t like to see other pets on their territory.



The cat that can hypnotize anybody with its big pupils is the Abyssinian cat breed. Belonging to the giant house cats breeds and being a distant relative of a wild cat, the Abyssinian cats are also known as one of the oldest domesticated felines.

The appearance of this cat breed fascinates with just one look. An extremely exotic coat pattern, small curious face, large ears, and huge eyes make this large cat breed very interesting for people who want to bring an extravagant pet into their home.

On a tiny triangle shaped head, enormous eyes look peculiar and more prominent. Besides, there is one more accent that highlights the Abyssinian cat eyes – a subtle dark black line under each eye stresses all the expressiveness of its gaze.

Just be careful if you’re going to get this distinctive creature. The Abyssinian temperament is similar to a dog’s one and this breed doesn’t like to live with other pets under one roof.



The Burmese cat first appeared in America in the 1930s and wasn’t particularly well-known in Europe until the 1940s. It is often mistaken for a Seal Point Siamese cat thanks to their familiar appearance features – a small slender frame, dark extremities, wedge-shaped dark-marked head, dark pointed ears.

However, compared to the Siamese cats, the Burmese coat has a less contrasting color point pattern. This means that the intensity of coloration between the Burmese cat body and extremities is less dark than in the case with the Siamese cats.

Moreover, the yellow eyes of the Burmese cats are more round-shaped than the Siamese cat eyes. The Burmese’s eyes often attract people’s attention by their mystery and inquisitiveness. The Burmese cat with green eyes and even with blue eyes is also found and is extremely popular among cat lovers.

When it comes to the personality of this splendid cat breed, the Burmese cats are considered easy-going and affectionate felines who adore playing fetch with their pet parents and can easily learn some new tricks.

Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail

From the back, this cat looks like a rabbit because of its bobbed tail! But if you look at its bold, prominent, and expressive eyes, you’ll immediately fall in love with this sweet cat – the Japanese Bobtail.

As you can see from the name, this cat breed comes from Japanese. Actually, can you imagine that 1000 years ago the felines of this breed were just street cats? But now the Japanese Bobtail cats are one of the most demanded and rare cats in America and Europe!

The ovular cat eye shape and bobbed tail make these fur balls captivating and impressive pets. No one can pass by the attention-grabbing cat with big eyes of blue or yellow color and funny shortened tail. Besides, some Japanese Bobtail cats have heterochromia when one eye can be blue while the other is yellow.

Such cute, quirky felines as Japanese Bobtails are relatively rare. But if you want to get a loyal four-legged companion for the whole family, pay attention to this fantastic cat breed.



The Ragamuffin cats can be described as friendly, affectionate pets who crave human attention and love to be close to their masters.

This cat breed is extremely popular and, first of all, because of their huge round eyes and various color options. Usually, we can see Ragamuffins who have golden or yellow eyes as well as amber, blue, green, or hazel colors of the eyes. However, the Ragamuffin cat with heterochromia is often found. This means that such an exceptional feline has two eyes of totally different colors.

Of course, the highly expressive eyes of Ragamuffins are their unique feature, but it isn’t the only one. Among weird cat breeds with large almond shaped eyes, the Ragamuffin cats are known as large-sized domestic felines with elongated bodies and plush fur. Their silky coat is long and fluffy.

But it shouldn’t scare you. You won’t have any problems with the Ragamuffin’s coat because despite being dense it doesn’t clump easily.



The wide eyed cat breed known as the LaPerm cat is one more breed related to the cats of the Rex family. Like the Devon Rex and Cornish Rex, the LaPerm cats impress cat lovers with their elegant, enormous eyes.

However, compared to the Devon Rex and Cornish Rex, these fluffy cats with big eyes have clearly longer fur of curls. These gorgeous cats can be of both varieties – long haired breed options and short haired ones, but nevertheless, they both feature peculiar waves that are more obvious than other felines of the Rex family.

With their large, cute, round eyes, the LaPerms immediately catch everyone’s attention. Moreover, this breed comes in varieties of fluffy coats and eye colors. The felines of such a remarkable breed as the LaPerm can have expressive golden eyes or hypnotic green eye color. When it comes to their coat, it can be of extremely striking combinations from orange hues to tabby highlights.

The LaPerm cats can be described as energetic and smart domesticated felines who are usually very devoted to their family members and love playing with kids or other domestic favorites.

Frequently asked questions

What cat breed has big eyes?

The hunter kinds of cats have large eyes because they use their sight to hunt and get prey. Good sight is a great ability in the wild for wild cats, including such breeds that aren’t described in our list as the California Spangled cat, Savannah, and European Wild cat.

Why do cats have such big eyes?

Quite a simple question! Cats are predators by nature and they need to catch prey to survive. To be able to catch their prey, cats need to see well. All this means that it’s almost impossible to find cat breeds with small eyes because the size of their eyes helps them to survive in the wild. Thus, cats with big eyes like the California Spangled cat or the Savannah are likely to be successful on their hunting trip.

What breed of cat has a flat face and big eyes?

The only cat breed described above with such features as a flat face and big eyes is the Persian cat. Among big eyed cat breeds, the Persians are also well-known for their long and fluffy coats. However, their eyes make the look of this cat graceful and prominent thanks to the round face and flat nose. Just don’t forget that because of the nose peculiarity, this breed has a lot of health problems and needs regular vet check-ups.

Do cats use their eyes to communicate?

Of course, they use their eyes to talk with their humans and most of the pet parents understand their fur balls very well.

Why do some cat breeds have larger eyes than others?

How cats look is partly determined by genetics. A cat’s genetic makeup dictates the size of its eyes, whether due to evolutionary adaptation or human selective breeding.

What does it mean when a cat’s eyes are big and round?

Your cat is likely to be excited if its eyes are large and round, and they have dilated pupils. It could be all set to pounce on its preferred toy or devour its preferred treat. Besides, cats that are distressed or in discomfort may also have dilated pupils.

Can a cat’s eyes be abnormally big?

All cat breeds are susceptible to Macrophthalmia, a congenital disorder that makes one or both eyes unusually huge despite being rare. Although highly uncommon, this disease can arise in any breed during prenatal development. These problems often signify a detached lens (luxation), cataracts, glaucoma, and the cat’s overall blindness.

Macrophthalmia is most likely inherited as a genetic mistake. Blind cats may live happy, healthy lives by compensating for their lack of vision using their hearing and smell capabilities. Nevertheless, it is not seen to be compassionate to breed cats with Macrophthalmia.

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