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by Linda Mathews Last Updated January 20, 2023

Every shade of cat coat is magnificent in its own peculiar way, but there is something special about a tender, grey fur that seems so lovely and a bit mysterious.

There are three main gray cat breeds, and many types of these breeds so it won’t be difficult for you to choose a new grey favorite that will enrich your life. These felines can vary from short-, medium- and long-haired types of grey cats.

Besides, all types of gray cats feature a specific color of the eyes, face shape, and a lot more peculiarities related to appearance. But don’t forget that the main differences between patterned and solid gray cats lie inside these stunning creatures.

Grey Cat Personality

When it comes to the gray cat temperament, it is possible to say with confidence that grey felines or blue cats (as they are often called) are considered as having a fun-loving and naughty personality.

These cats are extremely beautiful and their owners tend to forgive them for their mischievous behavior. In turn, blue gray cat breeds are great four-legged companions who get along well with children and they are characterized as being easy-going and highly loyal to the owner.

The 11 Grey Cat Breeds

Here is the list of famous grey cat breeds that will become perfect companions both for singles and families.



One of the most sought-after medium-haired cats with large ears is the Chartreux. Having a muscular strong body and thin legs, this cat type belongs to excellent hunters.

The Chartreux cats impress people with their gorgeous look. They have an amazing wooly gray coat and gold, copper, or orange eyes. This grey cat breed is known as one of the oldest. It was born in the 18th century near Paris thanks to the Carthusian monks.

The Chartreux can be a great domestic pet as it usually builds strong bonds with its owners and has a dog-like personality. This cat is very devoted to pet owners and can learn new tricks quickly.



The Nebelung (also known as “the creature of the mist” if we translate this word from German) is a long-haired grey cat (long-coat version of the Russian Blues).

The Nebelung luxurious coat shines in silvery shades and seems a slightly bluish-grey color. This is a grey fluffy cat that can be characterized as a gentle, quiet, and calm cat. Sometimes people state that the Nebelung relates to the shiest fluffy cat breeds.

However, despite its modesty, it is a playful breed. Such a versatile feline necessarily needs a high cat tree and a lot of climbing spots to sharpen its claws.

American Shorthair

American Shorthair

The American Shorthair comes from the USA according to its name. The grey American Shorthair cat isn’t completely of a grey color, it can be a grey shorthair cat or grey tabby one. Being athletic and strong, this cat type was initially made to protect owners’ homes from rodents.

The American Shorthairs are quite similar to the British Shorthairs outside but there are some differences when it comes to the nature of these cats. The American Shorthair cats are well-known for being highly affectionate creatures because they like to play and cuddle up.

But at the same time, they don’t like too much attention towards them and so they are suitable for busy pet parents.

Russian Blue

Russian Blue

One of the most famous, most popular, and most demanded breeds of grey kittens and adult cats is the Russian Grey cat or Russian Blue. These felines are called blue due to their gray-blue coloration.

Its stunning dark grey coat with a tender silver hue and attractive emerald green eyes can leave no one indifferent to this particular domestic cat breed. Despite the coat of the Russian Blue cats that is plush and dense, these cats are known as hypoallergenic ones.

This makes them perfectly suitable for people with allergies to cat hair. Among the beautiful cat breeds, the Russian Blue felines are distinguished by their love for a quieter lifestyle and devotion to their owners.

British Shorthair

British Shorthair

Grey is the most favorite color of the British people. So it is not surprising that the most popular cat breed in the UK and the National cat of the British Isles is the grey British Shorthair cat.

This is a bit of a cobbier version of the American large grey cat because they have a rather similar appearance. These medium sized cats feature a plush coat, which is very soft and silky.

However, there is a great difference in the characters of BSH cats and other closely related pets. The British Shorthairs are famous for being highly laid-back creatures, you will definitely spot this cat lying flat and napping. Besides, like their American cousins and Scottish Fold relatives, the British Shorthairs tend to be independent and loyal.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

Originated in North Europe, the Norwegian Forest cat is considered one of the largest cat breeds that are well-suited to cold weather conditions. These friendly cats feature a double coat, so they will not freeze in the snow and will not get wet in the water, so if you lead an active lifestyle and love to walk in nature, this cat with a dense coat will be a great companion. The cats with such charming fur shade are very sought after among cat lovers worldwide. Norwegian Forest cats are unlikely to become quiet cats because they are very active, energetic, and known for being brilliant hunters and passionate climbers. Therefore, if you are looking for a quiet lap cat, this rare breed is not an option.



Such a light grey cat breed can rather be met in the USA because the Korat is known as a specific Thai cat breed. Actually, it is also one of the oldest cat breeds that we can see nowadays.

The Korat coat features blue-grey hues with light silver tips. This wedge-shaped grey cat with green eyes can impress everyone with its calm and quiet temperament as well as its affectionate attitude towards the pet owners.

But it is quite normal that the Korat cat can shy away from strangers.

Oriental Shorthair


As a relative of the Siamese cats, the Orientals come in different colors, but extremely popular are the Oriental Shorthair gray cats. Their body build and temperament are quite similar to the Siamese.

They are famous for their smartness and active lifestyle. They are more likely to build a strong bond just with one person from the whole family unlike the rest types of cats.

Persian Cat


These long-haired fluffy cats known as the Persians require constant grooming. Their pretty and shining long fur needs to be combed several times a week. Some Persian cats expect to be groomed every day. Their gray fur can be of various shades of gray: silver, smoky, dark silver. Besides, sometimes you can meet Blue Persian cats. Like most cats, these felines have a playful nature, so they will play with other pets or other animals, as well as kids and adults. However, sometimes these felines prefer to spend time alone, so you are likely to see your fur baby relaxing on the cat mat.

Devon Rex

Devon Rex

If you’re looking for the best gray cat names, Elf or Elfy will be great for any Devon Rex kitten. Their specific elf-like ears, triangle head, big round eyes, and curly coat make Devon Rex cats look like the small elfish creatures that live in a deep forest.

But this type of cute gray cat is loved not only due to its extravagant appearance. Look deeper, and you’ll see how charming and lovable these cats can be. They are extremely sociable and outgoing, they get along well with kids. Besides, this intelligent breed can be easily trained like a dog.

Domestic Shorthair

Domestic Shorthair

What to say about the Domestic Shorthair gray cats? The Domestic Shorthairs are one of the most versatile short hair cat breeds in the feline world. They can be of different shades of grey. They may have long hair, a short coat, or come in a medium haired version. Despite the length, their gray fur is soft and plushy.

Besides, the Domestic Shorthair silver tabby felines are also pretty common. As for their temperament, you can’t find any clear description due to the fact that these felines are a mix of cat breeds. However, this means that this type of grey cat has wonderful health, an easy-going character, and a dog like personality.

Frequently asked questions

What is the breed of a GREY cat?

What is the breed of a GREY cat?

This is an active and energetic creature that comes in hues of dark grey and is often known as the Chartreux cat. It is one of the oldest gray cat breeds that have strong ancient roots. Its origin dates back to the 18th century and its motherland was France.

How many GREY cat breeds are there?

There are just three cats who are the representatives of the gray cat breeds. Only the Russian Blue cat, the Korat, and the Chartreux come in the grey color without any other shades.

Are GRAY cats friendly?

That is quite an abstract question and it is difficult to provide a clear answer. As stated above, there are a lot of cat grey types and they all have some temperament peculiarities that differ them. However, a recent study has shown that most grey color felines feature a peaceful, calm and affectionate personality and that makes them perfect family companions. Moreover, grey tabby cat breeds as well as grey and white tabby cats are described as home-loving, tender, and even lazy felines.

Are all GRAY cats rare?

Most people adore gray cats. But are gray cats as rare as we usually think? Actually, the grey shade of the cat coat is just a lighter version of black and nothing more. There are a lot of kitty breeds of solid grey fur as well as patterned coats. This means that you have a wide choice of gray cat types to select from.

What breed of cat is gray and white?

Generally, there are several grey and white cat breeds. The list of this peculiar category of felines includes Russian Blue (white and dark grey cats with green eyes) and Ragdoll (white and gray cats that come in a long haired version and feature beautiful blue eyes).

What breed are grey fluffy cats?

Several fluffy grey cat breeds, including Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat, LaPerm, Siberian, and Turkish Angora feature grey coats.

What do you call a grey cat?

Grey is sometimes referred to as blue in cats. A silver cat can be called light grey.

How much are grey cats?

The cost of a cat depends on the breed, health status, and pedigree. The price varies between $500 – $3000.


There are only three gray cat breeds and a lot of grey cat types and each one features its own specific personality traits as well as unique looks. Gray cat breeds are loved worldwide and are usually included on the top lists of the most popular cats on the globe.

Thus, if you think about whether to bring a new kitty into your house, check out this list of the 11 gray cat breeds and choose the most appropriate feline depending both on its appearance and temperament features.